8 Ultimate WhatsApp Apps for Shopify to Grow Your E-commerce Business in 2024

Are you on the hunt for the best WhatsApp apps for Shopify? Look no further! This guide delves into the seamless integration of WhatsApp into your Shopify storefront, promising a leap in customer engagement and sales.

What is WhatsApp's Role in E-commerce

WhatsApp has become an indispensable tool in the e-commerce toolkit, especially with features like "WhatsApp chat widgets" and "WhatsApp broadcasts." Its global reach and user-friendly interface make it an ideal platform for "WhatsApp marketing," transforming the way businesses interact with their customers.

Imagine leveraging "WhatsApp chat" to offer personalized shopping experiences, sending out "promotional WhatsApp messages," or enhancing order tracking messages through real-time interactions. on this popular messaging platform.

The Synergy Between Shopify and WhatsApp

When Shopify, a leading platform, joins forces with WhatsApp, the synergy can significantly boost your store's functionality. Incorporating "WhatsApp chat plugins" or leveraging the "official WhatsApp Business API" within your Shopify store can transform customer interactions.

Imagine the convenience when customers use a "WhatsApp chat widget" to inquire about products or when chat manual whatsapp messages guide them through their shopping journey.

This integration is about creating a seamless bridge between browsing and buying, making every "WhatsApp chat" a potential sale.

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Why WhatsApp for Your Shopify Store?

Integrating the WhatsApp apps for Shopify into your e-commerce strategy isn't just a minor adjustment—it's a pivotal move towards revolutionizing how you connect with your audience.

Enhances Customer Engagement with WhatsApp Chat

Imagine a customer eyeing a product on your Shopify WhatsApp apps but with lingering questions. Traditionally, they might drop off and look elsewhere. With a "WhatsApp chat widget" integrated, however, they can instantly reach out and receive responses in real-time.

This immediacy transforms their shopping experience, making your store not just a marketplace but a conversation space. Such unlimited WhatsApp chats tactics through "WhatsApp chat" can significantly uplift the shopping experience, turning casual browsers into loyal customers.

Leverage WhatsApp Business for Marketing and Sales

WhatsApp Business goes beyond simple customer service; it's a potent tool for "WhatsApp marketing." Automated messages and chat bots can guide customers from discovery to purchase, effectively reducing cart abandonment rates.

A well-timed message through your "Shopify WhatsApp app" can remind customers of their abandoned carts or offer personalized discounts, thereby converting potential losses into sales.

By adopting the Shopify WhatsApp apps you're not only establishing a direct line of communication with your customers but also enhancing their shopping journey with personalized interactions.

This strategic approach positions your Shopify store as not just a shopping destination but a personalized shopping assistant, ready to assist, advise, and engage customers at every step.

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Selecting the Best WhatsApp App for Shopify

Choosing the "best WhatsApp app for Shopify" is akin to selecting a key partner for your e-commerce journey. 

This section will guide you through the essential criteria to consider, ensuring that your choice not only enhances your store's functionality but also elevates the customer experience.

Criteria for Choosing the Right App

Integration Simplicity:

The ideal WhatsApp app should seamlessly blend with your Shopify store, allowing for easy installation and setup. Imagine integrating WhatsApp into your store just like Facebook messenger with just a few clicks, without needing to dive into complex technicalities.

Customization Capabilities:

Your store is unique, and so should be your chat interface. A customizable chat widget that aligns with your store's aesthetics can significantly enhance the user experience, making your store more inviting.

Automated Engagements:

In the fast-paced digital world, automation is key. Look for apps that offer automated message triggers for welcome messages, abandoned cart recovery prompts, and send promotional WhatsApp messages. This not only saves time but also ensures that no customer query goes unanswered.

Multilingual Support:

The global village that is the internet means your customers could come from anywhere. A WhatsApp app that supports multiple languages can help you break down communication barriers, making your store accessible to a wider audience.

Insightful Analytics:

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to understanding customer behavior. A WhatsApp marketing app equipped with advanced analytics can provide valuable insights into customer interactions, helping you make informed decisions to boost engagement and sales.

Shopify App Store Ratings:

Don't forget to check the app's ratings and reviews on the Shopify App Store. This can give you a glimpse into the experiences of other store owners, helping you gauge the app's effectiveness and reliability.

Overview of best WhatsApp Apps for Shopify

Navigating through the sea of apps to find the WhatsApp apps for Shopify" can be daunting. Yet, the right choice can significantly enhance your store's support channels automated messages
and sales. Here's a breakdown of top contenders that have reshaped the way Shopify stores interact with their customers.

1. The Convert Way: Best WhatsApp Shopify App 

The Convert Way is a versatile SMS/WhatsApp Shopify App that boosts sales through targeted marketing automation and personalized 1-on-1 conversations. 

It enables precise audience segmentation using Shopify's user lists and offers customizable CTAs and pre-approved templates for efficient campaign scheduling. 

  • Subscriber Growth: Build a subscriber base out of your visitors by using opt-in forms, QR Codes and Gamifications in your shopify store. 
  • Pre-approved WhatsApp Templates: Access a library of professionally designed templates to create engaging and personalized WhatsApp campaigns effortlessly.
  • WhatsApp Chat Widget: Enable a branded chat widget on your Shopify store to facilitate real-time conversations and enhance customer support.
  • Upsell and Cross-sell through Automation: Maximize revenue opportunities by upselling and cross-selling products directly through WhatsApp Automation.
  • SMS/WhatsApp Broadcast: Harness the power of SMS & WhatsApp for targeted marketing broadcasts, promotions, and customer engagement initiatives.
  • Its a Marketing focused platform as compared to other platforms that are more conversation focused.
  • Pre-approved templates enable efficient scheduling and execution of campaigns, streamlining promotional efforts.
  • Facilitates interactive 2-way WhatsApp conversations, enhancing customer connection and responsiveness.
  • Option for Gamifications and Subscriber option
Who is it for:

Suited for businesses looking to elevate their Shopify marketing with innovative WhatsApp features and automation.


Affordable pricing plans tailored to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, starting at $29 per month.

With The Convert Way, Shopify businesses can unlock the full potential of WhatsApp as a marketing and sales channel, driving growth, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

2. QuickReply.ai: Automated Messages and Customer Support

QuickReply.ai is a versatile WhatsApp app trusted by various brands across industries. It focuses on enhancing customer engagement, retention, and overall sales for eCommerce businesses. 

With its features tailored specifically for online stores, QuickReply.ai offers automated messages, personalized WhatsApp broadcast campaigns, customizable eCommerce WhatsApp chatbots, advanced campaign analytics, and seamless Shopify integration.

  • Personalized WhatsApp broadcast campaigns
  • 40+ customizable eCommerce WhatsApp chatbots
  • Track WhatsApp analytics for campaign performance
  • Advanced WhatsApp campaigns including multi-step abandoned cart reminders and event-based follow-ups
  • Seamless Shopify WhatsApp integration
  • Automated messages streamline customer support.
  • Advanced WhatsApp campaigns enhance sales and engagement.

May require some setup time to customize features.

Who is it for:

Deal for eCommerce businesses seeking automated customer support and personalized marketing campaigns.


Starts at $29 per month

3. Interakt: Enhancing Customer Interaction and Retention

Interakt excels in turning WhatsApp into a powerful tool for Shopify stores to showcase products and automate customer communications.

Interakt offers Shopify stores a seamless integration with WhatsApp, enabling direct communication with customers. 

This app syncs with Shopify stores to display products on the WhatsApp catalog and provides automation capabilities through the WhatsApp Business API. 

With Interakt, businesses can optimize their broadcast and customer support campaigns, enhancing customer interaction and retention.

  • Automated marketing campaigns for abandoned cart recovery, order confirmation, and tracking updates
  • Integration with WhatsApp Business API
  • Customizable chat buttons and widgets
  • Seamless Shopify integration for displaying products on WhatsApp.
  • Automation capabilities optimize broadcast and support campaigns.


Limited customization options for chat widgets.
Who is it for:

Suitable for Shopify stores aiming to enhance customer interaction and drive sales through WhatsApp.


Available upon request

4. Pushdaddy: Notification and Marketing Automation

Pushdaddy simplifies the transition between WhatsApp chat and live chat, offering a suite of automated marketing campaigns for every stage of the customer journey.

Pushdaddy is designed to simplify WhatsApp communication for Shopify stores, offering features to facilitate automated marketing campaigns and notifications. It allows businesses to switch between WhatsApp chat and live chat seamlessly. 

  • Automated marketing campaigns for abandoned cart recovery and order confirmation
  • Switch between WhatsApp chat and live chat easily
  • Run holistic campaigns across email and Facebook Messenger
  • Easy switch between WhatsApp chat and live chat for customer convenience.
  • Holistic campaigns across email and Facebook Messenger.

May require additional setup for advanced campaign features.

Who is it for:

Recommended for businesses seeking comprehensive marketing automation across multiple channels.


Starts at $19 per month

5. Delight Chat: Advanced Team Collaboration and Customer Service

Initially a CRM solution, Delight Chat has evolved to utilize the WhatsApp Business API for marketing automation and customer engagement.

It supports Shopify stores in managing the entire customer lifecycle, from engagement to retention, with its comprehensive suite of marketing and support tools.

Delight Chat is a popular Shopify WhatsApp app that initially served as a CRM for businesses managing customer support on the messaging platform. 

Today, it offers marketing automation features for customer engagement throughout the buyer lifecycle. Delight Chat's capabilities include engagement, retention, win-back campaigns, and cart recovery.

  • CRM capabilities for customer support
  • Marketing automation features for customer engagement
  • Campaigns for engagement, retention, win-back, and cart recovery
  • Robust CRM features for managing customer support on WhatsApp.
  • Marketing automations for customer engagement throughout the buyer journey.

Limited integrations with other platforms.

Who is it for:

Suited for businesses prioritizing team collaboration and personalized customer service on WhatsApp.


Available upon request

6. Zoko: WhatsApp Marketing and Catalog Integration

Zoko harnesses the WhatsApp API to automate messaging campaigns, including cart abandonment and order confirmations.

Its deep Shopify integration and innovative use of ChatGPT for message creation make it a standout app for businesses looking to enhance their WhatsApp marketing efforts.

Zoko stands out for its deep integration with Shopify, enabling businesses to set up automated campaigns on the messaging platform. 

With Zoko, Shopify store owners can sync products to the WhatsApp catalog for creating various campaigns, including cart abandonment, product review requests, order confirmations, and more.

  • Deep integration with Shopify
  • Automated campaigns for cart abandonment, product review requests, and order confirmations
  • WhatsApp catalog integration for product syncing
  • Deep integration with Shopify for seamless catalog synchronization.
  • Use of ChatGPT for creating engaging messages.

Advanced features may require technical expertise to set up.

Who is it for:

Recommended for businesses looking to leverage WhatsApp for automated marketing campaigns and catalog integration.


Starts at $39 per month

7. CartHike: Abandoned Cart Recovery through WhatsApp

CartHike leverages the WhatsApp Business API to target abandoned carts with automated reminders and shipping alerts. By integrating with other Shopify apps, it enables stores to request product reviews, enhancing post-purchase services.

CartHike specializes in driving sales and engagement for Shopify stores through WhatsApp, offering features to automate marketing campaigns, recover abandoned carts, and provide personalized customer support. 

  • Automate marketing campaigns and recover abandoned carts
  • Send targeted messages
  • Provide personalized customer support via WhatsApp
  • Track campaign performance and boost conversions
  • Uses WhatsApp Business API for automated campaigns like abandoned cart recovery.
  • Integration with other Shopify apps for additional functionality.

Relatively new in the market, with limited user feedback.

Who is it for:

Designed for Shopify stores prioritizing cart recovery and customer engagement via WhatsApp.


Starts at $29 per month

8. Dondy: Personalized Customer Engagement Solutions

Dondy simplifies customer engagement with a WhatsApp chat button for Shopify stores, supporting customer support and promotional campaigns.

Dondy is a comprehensive WhatsApp app tailored for Shopify stores, focusing on marketing and sales optimization. 

It enables businesses to create targeted WhatsApp campaigns, manage customer interactions efficiently, and drive sales through personalized communication. 

  • Create targeted WhatsApp campaigns for marketing and sales
  • Manage customer interactions efficiently
  • Drive sales through personalized communication
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery
  • Automated Messaging
  • Offers WhatsApp chat button for engaging website visitors.
  • Provides automation campaigns for promotional activities.

Limited advanced features compared to other apps.

Who is it for:

Recommended for businesses seeking basic WhatsApp integration for customer support and promotional campaigns.


Available upon request

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Key Features to look for in Whatsapp Shopify App

Choosing WhatsApp Shopify apps involves understanding essential features that can significantly improve your e-commerce operations. Here's a closer look at these features.

1. WhatsApp Chat Plugins and Widgets: Enhancing User Experience

WhatsApp chat plugins and widgets on your Shopify store enable real-time communication with your customers. This feature can answer queries instantly, improving the shopping experience and potentially increasing sales.

2. The Importance of WhatsApp Business API Integration

Integrating the WhatsApp Business API into chat apps ensures secure and scalable communication with your customers. It's crucial for sending automated messages, providing customer support, and conducting marketing campaigns efficiently.

3. Customizable Chat Buttons and Widgets for Brand Consistency

Having the ability to customize chat buttons and widgets allows you to maintain your brand's look and feel across your store. This consistency helps in building a stronger brand identity and enhances the user interface.

4. Automated Campaigns, Chatbots, and Unified Inboxes

Automated campaigns delivery notifications and chatbots facilitate continuous engagement with customers, from greeting new visitors to sending reminders for abandoned carts. A unified inbox helps manage conversations across various platforms, ensuring no message is missed.

5. Facebook Messenger Integration

Integrating the messenger marketing app, Facebook Messenger with your Shopify store opens another channel for customer interaction. Given its vast user base, facebook messenger can be an effective platform for direct communication and marketing within the social media environment.

How to integrate WhatsApp Chat in Shopify App

Integrating the WhatsApp app for Shopify" into your online store can dramatically enhance your delivery updates and much more. Here’s a straightforward guide to getting started, ensuring best practices, and monitoring your success.

Step-by-Step: Adding WhatsApp Chat to Your Shopify Store

  1. Choose Your WhatsApp Integration App: Start by selecting a reputable WhatsApp chat app from the Shopify apps. Look for features like chat support button, chat bot, chat plugin, available free widget features, customer queries, user-friendly interfaces, and positive reviews.
  2. Install the App: Follow the installation instructions provided by the app. This usually involves adding the app to your Shopify store and following a set of simple setup steps.
  3. Configure Your Settings: Customize your WhatsApp chat settings within the app. This might include setting up automated greetings, response times, and chat button appearance.
  4. Test the Chat Feature: Before going live, test the WhatsApp chat feature to ensure it works as expected. Check both the customer and admin sides for functionality and ease of use.

Best Practices for WhatsApp Chat Widgets and Buttons

  • Visibility is Key: Ensure your WhatsApp chat button is easily visible on your store. Position it in a prominent spot that doesn't interfere with shopping but is accessible for queries.
  • Maintain Brand Consistency: Customize your chat widget to align with your brand's theme and colors. Consistent branding across your site builds trust and recognition.
  • Set Clear Expectations: Use automated messages to inform customers of your typical response times. This sets clear expectations and enhances the customer experience.

Monitoring and Analyzing WhatsApp Engagement Metrics

  • Track Conversations: Use the analytics tools provided by your WhatsApp integration app to track the number of conversations initiated, response times, and customer satisfaction.
  • Evaluate Customer Feedback: Pay close attention to customer feedback received through WhatsApp. This direct line of communication can provide invaluable insights into your customer's needs and preferences.
  • Adjust Strategies Accordingly: Use the data collected to refine your approach. Identify what works well and where there might be room for improvement, adjusting your strategies to enhance customer engagement further.

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Boost Your Brand's Power on Shopify with 'The Convert Way' WhatsApp App

"The Convert Way" emerges as a notable contender in the realm of WhatsApp apps for Shopify, specializing in transforming customer engagement into tangible conversions. 

This app takes a dual approach, blending sophisticated marketing automation with the intimacy of one-on-one conversations to elevate the shopping experience.

When considering the best WhatsApp app for Shopify, "The Convert Way" stands out for its comprehensive suite of features tailored to elevate your e-commerce platform. Here's why "The Convert Way" could be the game-changer your Shopify store needs:

1. Pre-approved WhatsApp Templates

Jumpstart engaging campaigns with customers using "The Convert Way's" array of creative pre-approved WhatsApp templates. 

These ready-to-use templates are designed to capture attention and convey your message effectively, ensuring your communications resonate with your audience.

2. WhatsApp Chat Widget

Incorporate "The Convert Way's" WhatsApp chat widget into your Shopify store to offer real-time support and enhance user experience. 

This widget facilitates instant communication, allowing you to address queries, offer support, and guide customers through their purchase journey efficiently.

3. Subscriber Growth:

Build a subscriber base out of your visitors by using subscriber opt-in forms, QR Codes and Gamifications options like spin the wheel in your shopify store.

Also, you can create FOMO among the audience by using their timer based popup and build subscriber list for specific events.

5. SMS/WhatsApp Automation

Unlock the potential of personalized marketing with "The Convert Way's" upsell and cross-sell capabilities. By analyzing customer interactions and preferences, you can offer tailored recommendations, boosting average order value and enhancing customer satisfaction.

6. WhatsApp Broadcast

"The Convert Way" takes WhatsApp marketing to the next level by providing tools and insights to execute targeted broadcast campaigns. Engage your customers with personalized messages, promotions, and updates, turning casual browsers into loyal customers.


With numerous WhatsApp apps available for Shopify, selecting the appropriate one is crucial for your business's growth and customer satisfaction.

It's not just about adding a chat feature; it's about enhancing the entire shopping experience, fostering customer relationships, and ultimately boosting sales. This is where "The Convert Way" truly shines.

"The Convert Way" is not just another WhatsApp integration app. It's a comprehensive solution designed specifically for Shopify stores, aiming to revolutionize how businesses connect with their customers. 

With "The Convert Way," you get:
  • Enhanced Conversions: Maximize your return on investment through potent features like subscriber opt-in tools and personalized messages for recovering abandoned carts.
  • Seamless Integration: Enjoy effortless integration with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify and WhatsApp, ensuring a smooth user journey.
  • Responsive Support: Access dependable customer support for prompt assistance whenever required, reducing downtime and enhancing campaign effectiveness.
  • Proven Success: Trusted by businesses worldwide, "The Convert Way" boasts a proven track record of delivering tangible results and fostering triumph.

With its seamless integration, "The Convert Way" allows for a level of engagement and personalization that sets it apart from the competition.

What makes "The Convert Way" the best option for your Shopify store? It's the app's unique blend of features, including advanced segmentation for targeted marketing campaigns, customizable chat widgets that maintain brand consistency, and the invaluable use of the official WhatsApp Business API for secure, scalable communications. 

Moreover, "The Convert Way" excels in automated campaigns and chatbots, ensuring that no customer query goes unanswered, regardless of the time or day.

Choosing the right WhatsApp app for your Shopify store is a decision that should be made with care. 

It's about finding a solution that aligns with your business goals, enhances your customer engagement strategies, and provides tangible results in terms of conversion rates and customer loyalty. 

With its robust features, user-friendly interface, and proven track record, "The Convert Way" stands out as a top choice for businesses looking to leverage the power of WhatsApp within their Shopify stores.