10 Valentine’s Day WhatsApp Campaigns that sell

"In the world of business, a well-executed Valentine's Day campaign is the equivalent of a perfect love letter — memorable, impactful, and bound to be shared." - Jay Baer

Valentine’s Day is among the best times to make your products shine in the market. Brands reach out to customers through different channels including WhatsApp, but most end up spamming them.

Worried about spamming instead of selling?

Then this blog post is just for you!!

Let’s look at some non-spammy WhatsApp Campaigns that are bound to sell your product without making your customers press that unsubscribe button!

Will You Be My Valentine

"Valentine's Day is not just for lovers; it's for brands that dare to woo their audience with creativity and charm." - Neil Patel

Who better to make your Valentine than your customers?

Make customers feel extra special by asking them to be your Valentine with special offers and deals and treating them like your special one throughout Valentine’s week. This is a great way not only to make customers feel special but also to start conversations earlier than other brands!

Copy Template:

Hey {customer_name} 🤗

💕Will you be our Valentine?💕

Make {brand_name} lucky by shopping with us!Use code {coupon_code} to avail flat 20% off on our exclusive Valentine’s Collection 😍

CTA: Shop Now


What are Galentines you ask?

It’s nothing but Valentine's with the girls!!

Celebrate your female customers and send them exclusive offers to help them treat their girlfriends to your products. 

This will help you stand out in a sea of messages saturated with hearts and roses, celebrating couples!

Copy Template:

Hey Gorgeous! 😉

Who needs a Valentine when you’ve got your girls?

This Valentine’s Day {brand_name} is celebrating you and your gang! 👭

🎁Treat your gal pals to our limited-edition Galentines Collection and get up to 50% OFF using code GIRLTRIBE on checkout.

Hurry! We’re running out of stock! 🏃

CTA: Treat Now

Promote Self-love for The Singles

A huge chunk of people are not in relationships, and Valentine’s week has quite the opposite effect on them, making them feel alienated and sad.

Light up the moods of this segment of people by promoting self-love!

Send your customers WhatsApp messages with special deals and offers and remind them to pamper themselves and make themselves feel extra special this Valentine’s with your products.

Copy Template:

Hey {customer_name} 🤗

Let's redefine love this season – it's all about YOU! 🌟

Embrace the spirit of self-love with {brand_name}’s exclusive Single’s SaleWhat’s in store for you:

🛍️ Discounts up to 75%🛍️Freebies

And much more!!

CTA: Buy Now

Valentine’s with Family

When everyone is celebrating with friends or their special ones, propose a different approach to your customers, and ask them to celebrate their familial bonds! 

Steal the spotlight among tons of mushy Valentine’s Day campaigns by reminding customers to celebrate cherished bonds with their family members by gifting them products from your collection. 

Copy Template:

Hello {customer_name} 🤗

This Valentine's, let's turn our love toward the first and forever Valentine – Mom 🌹

Pamper your mom with {brand_name}’s self-care range 🎁 and use code MOM on checkout to get flat 20% off!

Because the best Valentine is the one who's been there from the start!

CTA: Shop Now

Special Valentine’s Day Offers

A study estimated that about 35% of the people who buy Valentine’s Day gifts do it through online platforms, that’s a hefty number of people, as Valentine’s Day is a global celebration.

This is mainly because of the heaps of deals that brands offer their customers. Now the question is how can your offer stand out among this sea of offers? Let’s see some deals that are hard to refuse!

 Buy 1 Get 1

Encourage customers to buy from you by telling them that they get two of the product they are ordering for the price of one.

One for them and one for their significant other.

Copy Template:

Hey, lovebird! ✨ 

This Valentine's is about celebrating togetherness at {brand_name}! 💖 

Indulge in love and luxury this Valentine's season with our site-wide Buy 1 Get 1 Sale!

Buy one for you, and get a second one FREE for your special someone. 👫

Because every moment is better shared. 🛍️❤️

CTA: Buy Now

Extra Love for Loyal Customers

Sprinkle a little extra love while sending Valentine’s deals to your loyal customers. Make sure to tell them how much you appreciate them with catchy messages and offer extra exclusive deals and discounts based on their reward and loyalty points!

Copy Template:

Hey {customer_name} 💟

You’ve got 200 loyalty points in store!!

We’re celebrating loyalty this Valentine's with something extra special for you! ✨

🎉 We're doubling up your points and giving you an exclusive 40% off on your next order! 

Use code USEPOINTS at checkout to turn your points into savings 💰

CTA: Redeem Now

Free Gift Wrapping

Wrap all the gift orders for your customers free of cost!

Ask customers if they are buying a gift for a loved one at checkout, and if they would like to have it wrapped for no charge.

This would attract last-minute shoppers and busy folks who want the perfect presentation without the hassle.

Copy Template:

Hey {customer_name} 👋

Struggling with gift-wrapping or short on time? 🎁 Let us lend a hand! ❣️

This Valentine's, we're wrapping all your gift orders for free 🥳

Simply choose 'Free Gift Wrapping' at checkout to get your token of love wrapped to perfection!! 

Because every moment of love deserves to be beautifully wrapped 💕

CTA: Wrap Now

Collect UGC

Valentine’s is one of the best times to get User Generated Content (UGC) for your business.

Ask customers for videos or photos of them using your product or with your product to get a chance to win extravagant prizes, freebies or simply to get exclusive discounts. 

You can also ask them to post their videos or photos with a special unique hashtag from your brand to their social media handles to generate social proof! 

Copy Template:

Happy Valentine’s Day {customer_name}!💕

This Valentine’s, we're giving you a chance to win big! 💸

Wear our limited edition Valentine's T-shirt, snap a pic or video, and send it to us on WhatsApp and stand a chance to win FREE DELIVERY on {brand_name} for a whole month! 📸👕

🏃 Hurry! Limited time offer! 💨

CTA: Redeem Now

Send Value-Adding Content

Got a brand with products that don't scream Valentine's?

No worries, this is the time for you to engage your audience. Send your audience value-adding content like gift guides, tutorials, etc.

For example, let’s say you are a brand that sells refrigerators, then you can send a recipe for a no-bake cheesecake to your customers, or say you sell tapes, then make a gift-wrapping tutorial for your customers. 

Sell your products indirectly by telling customers how they can make use of your product to make their loved ones feel special!

Copy Template:

Hello {customer_name}! 🌟

Create a delicious moment for your special someone in your {brand_name} refrigerators 💖

Reply CHEESECAKE to get our yum 😋 no-bake cheesecake recipe—simple, sweet, and perfect for a romantic treat!

🍰✨ Post your cheesecake creations using #SweetMoments on Instagram to stand a chance to win exciting prizes

CTA: Shop Now

Prevent Bad Gifts

How many times have you received a gift and not liked it? Probably a lot.

Run a campaign telling customers how their special gesture might not be so special and help them find the perfect gift for their special one. Send them gift guides or curate a special collection of your products which can be great gifts to help save your customers from embarrassment.

Copy Template:

Hi {customer_name}

Scared to give your Valentine a gift that’s just ‘Meh’ 😬

{brand_name} Gift Guide is here to the rescue! 🤩

Check out our special Valentine’s Gift Guide 🎁 on our website to get your special one the special treat they deserve!

CTA: Check out Now

Pun-tastic Copies

Stop sending the same boring, generalized messages to your customers. Spice up texts with funny and catchy puns this Valentine’s.

Send a campaign with Valentine’s week wishes and start your messages with catchy puns. This increases the chances of getting your text opened and is a great way to start further communication for Valentine’s deals.

Copy Template:

Hi {customer_name}! 🤗

🧸 Wishing you a “beary” Happy Teddy Day from {brand_name} 🧸

Enjoy our exclusive 20% off using code {coupon_code} on all your favorite products and make your cele-bear-ation extra special ! 🎉

CTA: Enjoy Now

Click-to-WhatsApp Ads to Spread the Love

Valentine’s Day is a great chance to boost your subscriber numbers. 

Create Valentine’s specific ads with catchy and irresistible offers and direct customers to WhatsApp to convert those ad clicks to WhatsApp subscribers!

We would like to conclude by saying that in today’s marketing landscape, standing out is crucial. This is easily possible by showing the human side of your brand and showing customers at every point in their customer journey that you care about them beyond the sales. 

WhatsApp marketing is a great way to connect with customers on a personal level but sending the same bland messages may do the opposite of what the platform is intended to do. Try to add your personal touch to the campaigns and sell what your customers want, not just what you want to sell.