6 Quickest Ways to Increase your eCommerce Sales

In 2022 we all believed that "e-commerce would become everything" simply did not come true.

The World Economic Forum reports that e-commerce sales have declined for the first time in history.

But what can actually be done to change this tide in 2023?

Probably you're reading this article because you own an eCommerce store and want to increase revenue. The strategies you'll find here will help you improve cash flow and increase the number of paying customers.

But before we talk strategy, it is important to remember the basics of the eCommerce game:

  • Does your product solve a pain point?
  • Are you attracting enough traffic to your website?
  • Are you focusing on the customer lifetime value (CLTV)?
The above 3 steps will solve almost 50% of your problem if you follow them.

Here are the 6 ways:

We have compiled 6 easy-to-implement solutions that will help you convert website traffic into sales and gain at least a 50% increase in conversions.

  • Convert visitors into 1st time buyers
  • Create a back in stock subscriber list 
  • Convert high intent shoppers
  • Use smart segmentation, 
  • Personalized promotions 
  • Use product recommendation / product bundles 

1. Convert visitors into 1st time buyers:

We all love surprise discounts. Don’t you?

 They are on your website, that means they know your product. A small discount or reward can help them make a quick decision.

So when a visitor comes to your website for the first time, create a pop-up customized to your brand (Capture phone numbers and emails in desktop and mobile) based on the below parameters and give them a welcome discount. 

  • On the basis of exit intent: Show when your visitors try to leave your website.
  • Show if your visitor is new to your website
  • At the time of inactivity: Show when your visitors have stopped scrolling and clicking for a period of time. 

What this popup does well:

  • This will help you build your list, even if they make a purchase or not. 
  • This popup encourages at least 50% of  website visitors to convert or share their contact information. 

With The ConvertWay, you’ll find endless ways to catch their attention and pull them into your marketing funnel.

2. Create a back in stock subscriber list :

In 2022, maintaining a predictable level of inventory had become tough and in 2023 it is going to be the same. 

The supply chain issues (High consumer demand, increasing transportation costs, and lack of warehouse space) aren’t going away anytime soon. 

But for a marketer, this doesn’t justify their efforts. As every click—and conversion—counts.

That can make it even more frustrating for the eager shoppers who are wondering when out-of-stock items will be back.

So the solution is :

You can reclaim the lost revenue when the product is back in stock by following the simple steps.

  • When the “Buy Now” button is grayed out because products are out of stock, Give shoppers the chance to opt into Back in Stock SMS, Email or WhatsApp alerts—and thus, grow your subscriber list and your bottom line.
What this popup does well:
  • You are able to target potential customers, which will help in boosting the ROI.
  • You are able to retain that subscriber and you have the opportunity to maximize the Lifetime value of the customer. 

3. Convert high intent shoppers: Recover abandoned shoppers

Roughly 75% of shopping carts were abandoned. So, you need to make them come back and buy. 

How do you do that? 

Reach shoppers while they're still in the buying mindset with Cart Abandonment and Browse Abandonment automations. Incentivize them to complete their purchase immediately by providing timely offers tailored to products they have recently viewed or added to their cart.

4. Use smart segmentation:

Let’s say you have got a Shopify store and got some basic Google Analytics setup.

So the question is are you collecting the data correctly and analyzing it to make correct marketing decisions?

Bombarding marketing promotions will only cost you but won’t give the expected ROI.

As your list grows, segmentation is key to delivering the right messages to the right audience at the right time. 

How do you do that?
  • Start by figuring out what’s there already with your existing customer base.  
  • Try to find the low hanging fruits like who are the top 10% customers, bottom 10% customers, who is buying more than others, buyers who purchased before 30 days, Etc. 
  • Segment your subscribers: VIP List, Back in stock list, Newsletter subscribers, etc. 

5. Personalized promotions: Make customers buy more frequently

Now you have learnt to segment your customer / subscriber base properly. 

It’s time to send them messages they actually want to receive- from back-in-stock alerts on products they’ve waiting for to the early bird holiday sales to the VIP list subscribers.

Here are a few tactics to do personalize promotion at scale:
  • Gamify the browsing experience and send customers personalized rewards over the communications. 
  • Sending personalized offers may not always work. Provide relevant education and resources

Let’s say a buyer is searching out products to remove dark spots and there are a lot of product options available to the problem. Instead of confusing them to make a buying decision, your communication should educate them, recommend them with the best options. 

This will help you in almost 20% increase in the conversion rate:
  • Send product care and usage instruction based on the product purchase
  • Get in touch with the inactive, old customers, who have already purchased a product from your site. (Automate timed reorder reminders)

Let’s say there is a buyer, who bought a Aloevera Juice Bottle a month ago. You can win-back them by sending personalized reminder messages with curated offers. 

  • Don't forget to surprise buyers on their birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

6. Use product recommendation / product bundles 

It's easier to get someone who has bought from you once to spend more money with you than it is to get new people to buy from you. 

  • With SKU-level segmentation send them thoughtful product recommendations that they’ll love.

If you're selling insoles that make women's shoes nice and comfortable, your upsell could be a pack of three instead of just one. 

  • Also, you can Create an Upsell page from the moment the person clicks on ‘add to cart’. 

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If a buyer adds shoes to the cart, you can recommend socks that best fit the shoes.

This helps in increasing the average order value. 

Bonus tips

Optimize your checkout process:

You can optimize it by removing the unnecessary steps and making the checkout process simple. 

Build loyalty through rewards:

Ask your buyers to review their purchase and reward them for providing the review. Because 90% of buyers read reviews before buying any product from your store. 


With these strategies, you’ll increase your eCommerce sales. You can use some or all combinations. With the help of The ConvertWay App, you can automate 70% of your remarketing efforts and boost your conversions.