Top 6 Wati Alternatives & Competitors (2024)

When it comes to customer support and WhatsApp marketing, eCommerce brands often utilize WATI, a popular WhatsApp business solution provider. But, if you ain't still sure about choosing it and are keen to know Wati alternatives before making a final decision, we have got you covered! So, scroll down and check out the best alternatives of Wati right away!

The Convertway

The first one on our list of the best Wati alternatives is The Convertway. It is an innovative solution designed to transform your marketing efforts and maximize customer engagement. The Convertway empowers businesses to drive conversions, build relationships, and achieve unparalleled success in the digital landscape.

Key Features

Subscriber Growth: Convertway helps you rapidly expand your subscriber list by converting website visitors into subscribers, establishing an exclusive VIP list on WhatsApp, and automating welcome messages to engage and retain subscribers.

Abandoned Cart Recovery: With targeted strategies and templates, Convertway assists in recovering abandoned carts, enabling you to turn potential lost sales into profitable orders.

Shopify Customer Segmentation: Import customer segments from Shopify, filter customers based on specific criteria, and create personalized marketing campaigns to effectively target and engage different customer groups. It is a must to create the right customer segments for driving conversions and TCW can make it easier for you.

Marketing Broadcasting: Utilize the power of marketing broadcasting to promote campaigns, and new product launches, and drive sales. Segment your audience, customize CTAs, and schedule campaigns using pre-approved templates.

Two-Way Conversations & Chat Widgets: Enhance customer engagement and satisfaction with Convertway's two-way conversations and chat widgets. Instantly address customer queries, provide support, and build strong customer relationships.


DelightChat is a smart solution that combines an Omnichannel Helpdesk and WhatsApp Marketing Software. With a conversation-first approach, it simplifies customer service management, enables efficient collaboration, and automates WhatsApp notifications.

Key Features

Omnichannel Inbox: Manage customer interactions seamlessly across WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Emails, and Live Chat.

WhatsApp Marketing Suite: Utilize the Official WhatsApp API to send broadcasts and enjoy features like Green Tick verification.

Automated WhatsApp Notifications: Set up automated messages for Abandoned carts, Order Confirmation, Delivery Notifications, and Cash on Delivery Order Verification.

Efficient Collaboration: Respond to customer queries and collaborate with your team without any hassle


Helpwise is another one of the most popular alternatives to Wati. it is a powerful support management platform that consolidates multiple channels, including email, SMS, WhatsApp, live chat, and social media, into one unified dashboard. Helpwise empowers businesses to deliver efficient and effective customer support while maximizing productivity and customer satisfaction. 

Key Features

Unified Support Channels: Helpwise brings together multiple support channels, including email, SMS, WhatsApp, and more, into one platform for streamlined management.

Seamless Integrations: It's integrated with Zapier, Hubspot, Slack, Shopify, and more 

On-screen Team Collaboration: Enable real-time collaboration among team members within Helpwise, fostering efficient communication, shared visibility, and improved teamwork.

Workflow Automation: Set up automation rules and workflows within Helpwise to automate repetitive tasks and streamline processes, saving time and increasing efficiency.


Twilio is a leading messaging and communication platform that offers robust API services. With a developer-friendly approach and solid documentation, it simplifies integration for businesses. It provides flexible customization options and offers competitive pricing, making it a top choice for businesses seeking Wati alternatives.

Key Features

Messaging and WhatsApp API Services: Twilio is a renowned provider of messaging and WhatsApp Business API services, allowing businesses to enhance their communication capabilities.

Developer-Friendly Approach: Twilio caters to developers by offering user-friendly APIs and comprehensive documentation, simplifying the integration process.

Flex Cloud Contact Center: With Twilio's Flex Cloud Contact Center, businesses can combine various communication channels like voice, SMS, WhatsApp, and live chat for a seamless customer service experience.

Flexible and Extensible: The Flex app provided by Twilio is highly customizable, allowing businesses to add or remove features based on their specific requirements.


Freshchat caters to startups and large corporations alike, providing a solution that meets the needs of businesses across the spectrum. As part of Freshworks, a prominent company in the industry, Freshchat offers a familiar interface that users can quickly adapt to, ensuring a smooth onboarding experience.

Key Features

Perfect for Larger Organizations: With its mature platform, Freshchat is well-suited for larger organizations, providing the necessary features and scalability to handle their support requirements.

Pricing Considerations: While the free tier may suffice for starting businesses, it's important to note that the higher-tier plans with advanced features can be costly, making them more suitable for organizations with specific needs.

Omnichannel Helpdesk Capabilities: Freshchat allows the combination of email, social, chat, and phone channels into a single omnichannel helpdesk, facilitating efficient customer support management.

Seamless Team Collaboration: The platform enables seamless collaboration among team members, enhancing productivity and ensuring a coordinated approach to customer service.


AiSensy is one of the best Wati alternatives out there.

AiSensy is a no-code WhatsApp Engagement platform based on the official WhatsApp Business API allowing you to channel the power of WhatsApp to scale your business to thousands of WhatsApp users. AiSensy offers a complete WhatsApp Marketing platform built on official WhatsApp Business APIs.

Key Features:

Send WhatsApp Broadcasts to Unlimited users in one go.

Send WhatsApp Catalogues and allow users to pay for their orders directly within WhatsApp

Create a no-code Drag & Drop WhatsApp chatbot.

Automate notifications for payments, abandoned carts, order confirmation, and delivery updates by integrating your CRM & Business software.

Get Unlimited Agent Dashboards for Live Chat Support.