Top 6 SMS Bump Alternatives to Try in 2022

When it comes to SMS marketing solutions, SMS Bump is among people's favourite choices. It’s an exceptional SMS partner, specializing in Big-Commerce and Shopify. Nevertheless, this solution exists in a highly competitive market. 

New and advanced SMS marketing tools are introduced in the market every now and then. Some of them are really good alternatives to SMSBump.

Here are 6 Best SMSBump Alternatives:

Emotive app SMSBump Alternative - TheConvertWay

1. Emotive: SMS Marketing

Emotive is SMSBump's direct competitor. The tool is specifically developed to support the marketing needs of fast-growing eCommerce. Emotive is ideal for businesses that want to utilize the power of SMS marketing to the fullest. With each plan, customers receive dedicated copywriters and customer success/support managers. 

Talking about the features, the list is quite impressive and long. This is also one of those factors that makes it a tough competitor of SMSBump. For automated messaging and segmentation, it is a pretty convincing solution. Following are some of the major pros and cons of this tool that you should know about. 

  • Dedicated copywriter and success manager
  • A wide variety of segment dimensions
  • A powerful automated messaging feature
  • Customer-friendly and efficient tech support
  • A plethora of options for SMS templates
  • Expensive than SMSBump and even Postscript
  • No facility to create unique custom fields
  • No analytics dashboard
You Should Opt. for Emotive if
  • You want to leverage customer segment dimensions
  • You don't want a dedicated analytical dashboard
  • You want exclusive copywriter
Price of Emotive

Emotive offer three plans, i.e. ‘Starter’s, ‘Plus’ and ‘Pro’. The 'Starter' plan costs $200, 'Plus' plan costs $400 and 'pro' plan costs $1000.

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2. WhatsApp & SMS Marketing: TCW

We saved the best for the last! When we are talking about SMS marketing solutions, we can’t miss The Convert Way. It is a powerful SMS and Whatsapp marketing automation tool. This tool offers a better conversion rate with great features. 

With The Convert Way, you get solutions for abandoned cart recovery, broadcasting, conversations, re-marketing and review/feedback. The tool is known for integration with AfterShip, Shipway, and Klaviyo. 

  • Supports more than 5 languages 
  • Offers chat widget and support 
  • Allows customer segmentation 
  • 5-day free trial option 
  • Provides detailed reports to measure the effectiveness of campaigns 
  • The Free Plan does not offer integrations
You Should Opt. for Convert Way if
  • You want to drive repeat purchase 
  • You wish to generate more sales with automation flows 
  • You want to achieve higher returns on your investment
  • You want to optimize your campaigns 

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AllMySMS App SMSBump Alternative - TheConvertWay

3. AllMySMS

To connect to more than a hundred operators around the world, AllMySMS is a powerful and indispensable tool. The solution facilitates the management of your SMS marketing strategies, thanks to its multiple communication features. The HTTP or HTTPS SMS API and web services are also provided in their plans. 

Moreover, the facility of a free trial is also provided, allowing users to have a better idea of their services. In other words, it's a wonderful SMS marketing solution to try if you don't enjoy SMSBump. Below are the key pros and cons of AllMySMS that will help you make the right decision. 

  • A large number of operators
  • Availability of free trial facility
  • Provides dedicated mobile numbers for messages
  • Automated group message system for hassle-free SMS management
  • Starting price is €0.045, which is the cheapest in the market
  • Efficient customer support facility
  • Not a great choice for medium and large eCommerce
  • Basic website interface
You Should Opt. for AllMySMS if
  • You want a powerful SMS marketing tool
  • You plan to capture customer data for customized messages and campaigns
  • You are planning to run campaigns for engagements like text surveys
Price of AllMySMS

AllMySMS only charges for sent messages. The charges per message range from €0.042 to €1.

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Octopush App SMSBump Alternative - TheConvertWay

4. Octopush

Octopush, created in 2011, is an SMS marketing solution for modern needs. This tool offers the opportunity to establish a list of customer contacts and sending SMS in bulk. The platform is secure and compatible with the GDPR. 

With Octopush, you have two different ways to send your sales, marketing and transactional SMS. You can opt for 'transfers with an online platform' or via 'API to make your communications automatic'. Let’s get into the depths of this tool by having a look at its pros and cons. 

  • Free trial to understand the tool better before paying final charges
  • Easy-to-use interface for a hassle-free experience
  • Efficient services that enhance the effectiveness of marketing efforts
  • Octopush guarantees high security and tranquility
  • Easy integration with Magento, Woo-commerce, Shopify, etc.
  • Service charges depend upon quotation
  • Separate fees for virtual numbers
  • Simple and ordinary SMS templates
You Should Opt. for Octopush if
  • Basic drip campaigns work well for your customer retention
  • You want to take advantage of SMS marketing for 2-way conversations
  • You require advanced segmentation for targeted marketing
Price of Octopush

Octopush price model is based on messages that are sent. There are SMS bundles starting from 300 SMS for €0.111/SMS to 150,000 SMS for €0.085/SMS.

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PostScript App SMSBump Alternative - TheConvertWay

5. Postscript SMS Marketing

For businesses looking to automate their SMS campaigns, Postscript is a wonderful marketing solution. Users can analyze different geographical areas, targeting the areas with maximum customer retention rate. Unlike SMSBump, Postscript offers two-way conversation and an extensive range of SMS campaign features. 

It's a perfect solution for businesses who wish to scale in the competitive market. Ideally, it's preferred by medium and large-sized businesses because it can turn expensive for small businesses in the long run. Here’s the list of pros and cons of working with this software. 

  • Budget-friendly SMS marketing solution
  • Robust pre-build automation systems
  • Efficient eCommerce-centric segment conditions
  • Fast and convenient onboarding experience
  • Functions are easy to navigate and use
  • Limited campaign creation options
  • Many crucial Shopify analytics aren't available
  • Fewer custom fields for personalized SMS
You Should Opt. for Postscript if
  • Your budget requires an affordable and efficient Marketing solution
  • You want to send automated texts to abandoned carts
  • You want direct access to advanced analytics
Price of Postscript 

Postscript offers three paid plans, 'Growth', 'Professional' and 'Enterprise'. The 'Growth' plan costs $100/mo, the 'Professional' plan costs $500, and for the 'Enterprise' plan, you have to chat with the sales team.

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CartLoop App SMSBump Alternative - TheConvertWay

6. Cartloop SMS Marketing

The last but not the least alternative to SMSBump is Cartloop. It offers fully-managed SMS marketing services that work really well. Cartloop thrives in conversations with clients in real-time, creating healthy personal connections for your brand. 

Each SMS is backed up by Cartloop's expert live agents, who engage customers throughout the chat, influencing their purchase decision. Furthermore, Cartloop is specialized in integration with platforms such as CartHook, Zipify, ReCharge and Gorgias. Now let’s talk about the pros and cons of this marketing tool for its better understanding. 

  • Risk-free starter plans 
  • Commission rates are degressive
  • Fast and friendly customer support
  • Free trial to understand the system's powers
  • Cart abandonment feature to convert more customers
  • Re-amaze integration isn't available
  • Live chat team are inconsistent with the availability
  • The pop-ups can become annoying sometimes
You Should Opt. for Cartloop if
  • You wish to use SMS marketing for texting in mass
  • You want unlimited SMS conversations per month
  • You want dedicated local numbers for your business
Price of Cartloop

Cartloop has three pricing options - 'Growth', 'Pro' and 'Enterprise'. The 'Growth' pack costs $99/mo, the 'Pro' pack costs $299/mo and the 'Enterprise' pack costs $999.

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Final Words

SMSBump is surely a great SMS marketing tool. But being in a competitive market, the solution has some alternatives. We have shared the top six alternatives to SMSBump so that you can make a choice. 

You can rely on them if SMSBump isn’t your first priority. All of them are highly efficient and do the job very well. Try them out, and don’t forget to share your experience with us.