Here's the #1 SuperLemon Alternative for WhatsApp Marketing

"Getting the best WhatsApp marketing solution can be a game-changer!"

With over 2 Billion worldwide users (400+ Million in India alone), there is a high chance that your customers have an active WhatsApp account.

Therefore, using the best WhatsApp marketing solutions will enhance your pre and post-purchase experience, accelerate repeat purchases and build a positive brand image. Ain't these three benefits the end goal?

They are! Hence, SuperLemon, a WhatsApp marketing app has gained a lot of popularity. But, there are certain limitations and brands often search for alternatives.  So, let's dive straight away into the #1 SuperLemon alternative that can help you in revolutionizing your d2c brand!

Why is The Convertway- #1 SuperLemon Alternative

1. Grow your Subscriber List by 10X

Yes, you heard it right and you can easily grow your subscriber list now. With The Convertway's Subscriber Opt-in feature, you can-

  • Convert every website visitor into Subscribers
  • Establish your exclusive VIP list on WhatsApp.
  • Access pre-configured campaign playbooks for seamless execution.
  • Automate welcome messages to greet and engage your subscribers.

Note: SuperLemon provides no such feature.

2. Provides Abandoned Cart Recovery 

"According to Baymard Institute, the average abandoned cart rate is 70%."

What does this signify? It's simple. You need a solution that targets abandoned cart recovery and helps you in turning them into profitable orders.

How can you do so- By getting WhatsApp marketing solution that provides abandoned cart recovery templates and more.

Why should you Choose The Convertway over SuperLemon?

With The Convertway, you can get access to-

  • Employ automated notifications for abandoned carts using SMS and WhatsApp.
  • Utilize up to three WhatsApp follow-ups at varying intervals.
  • Craft personalized messages to enhance cart conversion rates.
  • Stimulate purchase completion by offering coupon codes and discounts.

3. Let's you Import Shopify's Customer Segments

Yes, by using The Convertway, you can choose segments, filter customers from the overall customers data or select custom subscriber lists. Furthermore, you can implement automated marketing Campaigns that are tailored and aimed at specific customer segments. This feature will help you in targeting the right customers according to specific segments like region, number of items purchased, total purchase value, last purchase date and more.

Integrated with Klaviyo for Custom Segments

4. Offers Marketing Broadcasting Features

Who doesn't know the power of broadcasting? With one click, you can easily promote your campaigns, and new product launches, drive more sales, and a lot more. 

What can you do with The Convertway-

  • Utilize segmentation for precise and targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Narrow down your audience using Shopify's user lists.
  • Customize CTAs based on campaign requirements.
  • Schedule quick campaigns with pre-approved SMS and WhatsApp templates.

5. Win Hearts with Two-way Conversations & Chat Widgets

Two-way conversations and chat widgets can help you in engaging with your customers, increase your conversions, instantly solve customer queries, and build long-lasting relations. The Convertway provides both features- two-way conversations and chat widgets. 

6. Stand out with Pre-approved Templates & Different Flows

Whether it's a win-back or order confirmation marketing template, creating it, again and again, can take up your time. With The Convertway, you get pre-approved templates along with different flows. Here is a glimpse of what sorts of templates and flows The Convertway offers-

a) Win-back customers 

Utilizing Win-back flows, you can re-engage old customers and reignite their interest. Automated reminders prompt their return, while enticing special offers attract and captivate, boosting lifetime value and conversion rates. The aim is to convert them into loyal, recurring customers.

b) Order Alerts

Order confirmation and tracking updates will make you stand out and form a better connection with your customers. With The Convertway, you can provide tracking information and all other updates easily through the innumerable templates available.

Integrated with Aftership and Shipway Experience for Order Tracking

c) Review Feedback

The Convertway also has review/feedback automated flows that you can utilize to send review/feedback notifications to customers. You can collect feedback via SMS/WhatsApp and send automated reminders. 

This will help you in engaging customers, improve your customers, and form a connection with customers.

Integrated with for product reviews

d) Cart Recovery

As mentioned earlier, the abandoned cart recovery process is crucial and can make you lose potential customers as well as profits. TCW a.k.a The Convertway- the best SuperLemon alternative has a plethora of cart recovery templates and flows through which you can incentivize customers with discounts and more. 

e) Occasion-based 

Occasions are the biggest opportunity for you to increase your sales by 7X. And, for that, you need interesting templates and flows that can earn your profits. TCW offers enticing templates and flows on Mother's Day, Father's Day, Diwali, Holi, and on all occasions. 

f) Tropical, Seasonal & More

Seasonal marketing can triple your sales as who doesn't shop as a new season starts or the old one ends? 

And, with the right templates, you can just hit the right chords. The Convertway offers summer, winter, monsoon, and more flows that you can leverage and make seasons profitable.

Exceptional Template: The Convertway offers scratch card templates that will help you in luring your customers to make a purchase. You can use them while running campaigns as it will make you stand out and keep the customers engaged. Isn't it perfect?

7. Provides All Analytics in One Place

So, you sent the campaign, and the season is over. How will you analyze the profits or losses?

You can do it all with the Convertway as it generates comprehensive reports to evaluate the efficacy of your campaigns for both current and future strategic planning purposes. It will help you in analyzing key metrics such as revenue generated, total expenditures, converted orders, and more.

Bonus Features of The Convertway - The Perfect SMS & WhatsApp Marketing Tool

 SMS and WhatsApp marketing as it is the need of the hour.

Why do you need SMS marketing automation tool- For starters, SMS has a click rate of 98%, and reaching out to customers through WhatsApp and SMS will increase your reach and profits. 

The Convertway is the best SuperLemon alternative as it not only provides WhatsApp marketing automation, but even SMS marketing automation through which you can easily target your customers. Whereas, SuperLemon only offers WhatsApp marketing automation.