8 smartest re-engagement strategies for E-commerce, except social media

Can we create a relationship between re-engaging and experience? I say yes. 

“Re-engaging your customers means creating experiences for them every time.”

For any business, creating a WOO customer experience contributes more revenue than average. 

When a customer is fully engaged, you can increase customer retention, reduce the sales cycle, and increase customer loyalty.
Increasing the customer retention rate by 5% increases profits by at least 25%.

But how can you re-engage them since this won't be a one-time event?

Re-engagement is a strategy marketers use to spark lapsed customers’ or subscribers’ interest in a product or website again.

Re-engagement can be segmented into 2 categories: 

  • Winning back people that had some top-of-the-funnel interactions with your business: Website visits, Subscribing you via SMS, WhatsApp or email, etc. 
  • Coming back to those who used your product or services or made a purchase in the past. 

We’ve collected the best strategies on how you can smartly re-engage your audience/ buyers without sounding pushy. 

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1. Provide relevant educational resources

Here the goal is to drive adoption and awaken your sleeping subscribers. 


  • Offer content that solves the query and confusion of the buyer. 
  • Sharing purchase-specific guides with How-to guides, FAQs, and success stories not only solves the problem but also creates a great buying experience. That later converts into a repeat purchase. 
  • Build anticipation by sharing a weekly newsletter to your subscribers. 

Tips: When they ignore you for more than 30-60 days, red flag those subscribers. 

Make your buyer fall in love with you by creating value-add content
Example of a WhatsApp Re-engagement template:

How can you showcase your success story?

2. Gamification: Send them a scratch card

This is one of the best strategies to engage 90% of your buyers or subscribers in your communication. 

We all like to reveal the surprises that are hidden. A scratch card is one of the best options to engage. 

  • Send a scratch card to your buyer after X days of product purchase. 
  • Show scratch cards immediately after the buyer purchases a product with a timeline. That creates an urgency to take action on that. 

3. Send restock reminder

Make your customer habituated to your product. Never let them run out of their fav. product. 

  • Automate a restock reminder on or before the purchase date to make recurring revenue and increase the CLTV. 

In case if they are not taking any action, remind them of an attractive offer and create a FOMO(Fear of missing out).


  • Re-stock from smart prebuilt cart links: Create a cart permalink that takes your customers directly to the first page of the checkout screen with items pre-loaded into their cart. So that the purchase can happen within a minute. 
A classic re-engagement sequence includes 3-4 different reminders.

4. Surprise them: Give away, birthday wishes, etc.

Birthday is another reason to remind your customers how much you care about them. 

Look through the info you’ve collected about customers and offer a relevant gift. 


  • A mystery offer is a great way to spark inactive customers’ interest. It can be a secret discount or product. 

Example: It's our mystery summer sale. And we want to keep you on your toe. Reveal your mystery deal now (CTA)

5. Invite your subscribers to a product tester

Turning your subscriber into a 1st-time buyer is difficult. 

So you can invite your subscriber to test out a product. Create a range of tester products. 

You can charge them for the delivery but send a free testing kit. 

After 7 days, remind them to buy the product with XX discount. 


6. Personalized product recommendations based on previous purchases

Now you know what your customers have purchased. You can create segments according to the previous purchase and send them thoughtful product recommendations that even work better together. 

  • If a buyer buys face wash, recommend them a serum or moisturizer. 
  • If a buyer buys a phone, recommend the best-suited earphone that works best with the phone. 
  • Personalize the communication according to their search, like the product category, keywords, etc. 
  • Create a conversation-based engagement that leads to conversion. 

Let's say a buyer is looking for a face wash and searches for the face wash category. Ask them a question related to their problem and recommend the list of face wash according to the problem. 

Further, you can narrow it down based on the questions you ask. 

7. Ask for product feedback

Now, the product is delivered. It's time to ask the buyer for feedback. 

What do they feel about your product? How about the packaging experience? How is the delivery experience and so on? 

To increase feedback engagement, incentivize the buyer who submits feedback. Send them a free surprise gift, etc. 

8. Product launch, back-in-stock reminders

Engage your buyer with a product launch communication.

  • Send reminders to those who have opted in for back-in-stock notifications. 

In sum:

There can be an n-number of ways to re-engage your audience. Think of all possible ways to grab their attention. In any case, you'll spend less on it than on bringing in new clients.

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