Top 6 Shopify Apps for Ecommerce Remarketing

Do you know that 97% of people who visit your website for the first time leave without buying anything? So, that’s why you need to run retargeting ads to turn those one-time visitors into lifetime customers.

Here we have curated the Top Remarketing Apps that can help you create effective Retargeting campaigns to increase sales at your online store.

1. Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS

Klaviyo is a popular Email and SMS Marketing platform among eCommerce brands. It enables you to segment your customers based on their purchase history and inactive customers and send them personalized automated messages like a price drop, friendly cart reminders, and just-in-time recommendations

  • With Klaviyo, give your customers a more personalized experience across marketing channels like Email, SMS, in-app notifications, and web
  • Send product announcements to the customers who have already interacted with your brand before and encourage them to take desired actions
  • Use Klaviyo to send store opening invites to the customers based on their locations
  • Segment your audience to send targeted promotions to the customers who have previously shown interest in your brand

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2. Tagshop

Tagshop, the Social Proof Shopify App, is revolutionizing eCommerce engagement with its innovative approach to leveraging user-generated content (UGC) and social commerce. Through AI-powered curation, it transforms authentic customer content into shoppable galleries, driving trust and revenue. 

Tagshop enables brands to enhance authenticity and boost conversions effortlessly by seamlessly integrating social content into marketing strategies.

3. WhatsApp & SMS Marketing: TCW

The Convertway is an all-in-one SMS & WhatsApp marketing automation tool that helps eCommerce businesses to grow their sales with features like Abandoned cart recovery, Subscribers Opt-in, Broadcasting, 2-Way conversation, and Review/ Feedback. TheConvertway helps businesses to remarket their customers who have already shown interest in their products before. It is like regaining lost website traffic, which is much easier to regain than compared to getting new customers

  • The Convertway lets you remind your customers of their incomplete purchases with Abandoned Cart recovery and encourages shoppers to complete the purchase
  • It lets you not only notify your customers using just SMS messages but also you can send reminders on WhatsApp which helps you increase the open rate to around 98%
  • The Convertway also lets you create segmentation, using which you can retarget the customers who have been inactive for a while
  • Use TheConvertway to re-market old customers based on their purchase history & shopping behavior using TheConvertway’s Win-Back feature
  • Also, you can remind customers of new product launches to stay on top of their mind
  • Recommend products to customers based on the gamification programs like quizzes and spinning wheels

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4. Growave: Loyalty program, Reviews +3

Growave is an all-in-one customer loyalty platform that will help you create your own loyalty and reward program with some of its really powerful tools for loyalty and reward programs, reviews, wishlists, gift cards, referrals, and UGC (user-generated content). Growave helps you to boost your site conversion and retain your customers by letting them earn points by joining the program, placing an order, making repeat purchases, or leaving reviews then you can choose how you would like to reward them.

  • Why spend on ads? With Growave you can create an automated referral program that will help you to let your existing customers acquire more customers organically for you
  • With Growave’s reward program, reward every customer for every engagement at your store to build long-lasting relationships with your customers and increase repeat purchases
  • Growave lets you keep your best customers engaged by creating a VIP list to offer customers with rewards and perks exclusive to the VIP tier
  • Offer your customers with points for more than just purchases alone like birthdays, leaving a review, or following or sharing on social media which helps you to retain your customers for longer
  • Growave also lets you to send your customers with notifications, notifying them to avail or use points and referrals before expiration to create an urgency

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5. ReConvert Upsell & Cross sell

ReConvert is a platform that lets you create one-click upsell, post-purchase upsell & discounted upsell to your checkout, and thank you page. It helps to grow your AOV & profit by remarketing your customers with recommended products during the checkout and thank you page.

  • ReConvert lets you deeply segment your customers to trigger bundle upsell, cross-sell, and one-click upsell
  • With ReConvert thank you page, you can also collect birthdays, track orders, cross-sell products, upsell customers to a subscription & more
  • ReConvert allows you to embed a video on your thank you page to easily convey a direct message to your customers
  • ReConvert also offers you advanced analytics for your thank you page to know exactly how well your thank you pages are performing, and what needs to be improved

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6. Loox Product Reviews & Photos

Loox is one of the best platform that helps you to build and scale a trusted brand with its social proof solution, it helps you to collect product reviews with photos and videos from your customers. Loox lets you display reviews in beautiful widgets to build trust with visitors.

  • With Loox, let your existing customers bring new audiences for you by referring to their friends and family with Loox’s referral program which auto-generates referral links to reward customers for referring friends
  • Loox helps you to increase your order value by combining your photo reviews with post-purchase upsell
  • Loox offers you a range of referral widgets like on-site referrals, Post-purchase referrals, and Post-review referrals so that you can engage with your customers at the right time by choosing the right widget

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