Top 9 Raksha Bandhan WhatsApp Marketing Strategies to Drive Revenue!

Raksha Bandhan is a festival of celebrating sibling bonds and sharing memories and gifts. It is one of the busiest periods for businesses as it is the perfect time for them to harness the spirit of love and connect with their potential customers.

The Raksha Bandhan market has an annual trade value of ₹ 6000 crore and a large part of this trade involves gifting. So needless to say this is a fantastic chance for businesses to gain new customers and drive their revenue up.

Now, what channels can a D2C brand leverage this festival to gain maximum profits?

The answer is easy- WhatsApp!!

Let's deep dive into how you can leverage WhatsApp marketing for Raksha Bandhan gifting to drive up your sales and profits exponentially!

How to use WhatsApp at different times for Raksha Bandhan?

Pre-Raksha Bandhan Strategies

1. Build your WhatsApp list

 Growing your subscriber list and retaining existing ones is step one to any marketing strategy.  

To bring in new subscribers, pay attention to the visitors on your website. You can turn them into subscribers by offering a small 10% discount if they sign up. You can also use a fun pop-up that looks like a Rakhi (a special bracelet for a festival) to catch their attention.

Don't forget your loyal customers – they can help you find new ones. Give them rewards if they bring their friends and family to your brand.

And when it comes to social media, use QR codes in your stories or posts. These codes can give people discounts or invite them to join a special VIP group.

2. Pre-announce upcoming offers

Pre-announcing your upcoming offers to your WhatsApp subscribers or just giving a glimpse is a great way to build anticipation in your customer base. You can easily personalize these messages by mentioning upcoming discounts on products added by the customers in their cart or their wishlists!

3. Allow pre-booking and pre-ordering

Some people have siblings living abroad and want to send them Rakhis and gifts for the special day, but for timely deliveries, they need to pre-order these things or may want to pre-book popular items for Raksha Bandhan. 

This is another opportunity to win your customers’ hearts by asking them if they want to pre-book or pre-order items in their carts for a discounted price through two-way WhatsApp messages.

During Raksha Bandhan Strategies

1. Announce discounts and offers

Announce ongoing discounts with witty one-liners to attract customers and use an appropriate product or Raksha Bandhan-themed images for the message to get customer attention.

Use clear and catchy CTA buttons to ensure maximum clicks!!

2. Send reminders 

Send multiple reminders to your customers about ongoing offers on their saved products, limited stock, abandoned carts, etc. 

Pro tip: Enable two-way conversations in your reminders and ask customers if they have any queries about returns & refunds policy, discounts, or any other difficulty they may be facing during checkout.

3. Engage with Gamification

Engage your customers with gamification tactics like asking questions about their siblings to suggest the most appropriate gift from your store or sending them scratch cards to give them extra incentives to buy your products!

In the above image, we have given an example of a scratch card template through which you can easily lure customers into ordering with gamification!

4. Upsell and Cross-sell: 

Raksha Bandhan is a fantastic chance for you to upsell or cross-sell your products.

Recommend more premium versions of products your customers have added to their cart and ask them if they would like to have their orders gift-wrapped. For example, if they have added a straightener to their cart, recommend a better version of the straightener highlighting how it is better than the one they chose.

Furthermore, you can also recommend products based on what they have already ordered or sell products bundled together. Say, they bought lipstick, recommend a matching lip liner, sell a basic make-up kit with a FREE make-up pouch, or make an entire range of gift packs!

Pro-Tip: If your customers have made a purchase, you should send regular tracking updates. Along with the tracking updates send your customers related product recommendations. For example, if they bought a shirt recommend a pair of pants that go with it or matching accessories. It will not only improve CX but also promote your products at the same time!

Post-Raksha Bandhan Strategies

1. Clear out leftover products with post-sale offers

Still, have products leftover from the sale?

Just offer some post-sale discounts. You can launch a Last Chance Sale for these products and earn profits on these last remaining products. Who doesn't want to shop and that too at cheap prices?

Moreover, since the next season is just around the corner after Raksha Bandhan promote these as a part of your end-of-season sale.

2. Review and feedback

Now that the festive season is over you still need to stay in touch with your customers, and asking for feedback is the best way to do just that.

Ask your customers how much they or their siblings liked your product. Ask for pictures or videos of them using the product for more credible reviews, you can even ask for product rating or the rating of their experience with your brand, etc.

All of this shows you care about your customers and their opinions and would help with retaining your customers post Raksha Bandhan. 

These reviews also made for great user-generated content to display on your website for other visitors to trust your product quality.

Final Takeaway

In the end, we’d like to conclude by saying WhatsApp marketing has undoubtedly emerged as a game-changer. It will bridge the gap between businesses and customers during the festive season & can help businesses sky-rocket their sales on Raksha Bandhan.