How to Promote Father's Day with WhatsApp Marketing Templates

Father's Day is about to arrive soon, make this a really big occasion for D2C business this year. 

As per the industry predictions, 75% of customers are planning to celebrate Father's day really big with the best gift ideas such as clothing, special outing, accessories, foods, etc.

The ideas for best gifts have changed over the years people tend to buy greeting cards followed by apparel, accessories, dinner, gift cards, and personal care items for Father’s Day gifting.

It is the best time for D2C brands to begin considering sales and promotions for Father’s Day.

On your behalf, we have created some WhatsApp marketing templates for the promotions of Father’s Day, these will help you increase your D2C sales by 40%. 

1. Build an emotional connection with your customer base

Unlike mothers, fathers aren't much expressive when it comes to showing their feelings. For every child, their relationship isn't so warm with their fathers, they are tuff to communicate. This father's day, give chance to your customers to grow their relationships deeper with their fathers (as their children) and kids (as their fathers). 

Give them the opportunity to cherish their relationship. Understand your customers' emotions and connect their hearts.

2. Connect to your customers for the upcoming Father's Day

Stand out by reaching your customers first for Father's day and every upcoming event. Align your products according to Father's Day and list all the possible filters to help customers decide quickly on their purchase.

Remind them that Father's Day is near and they can start planning the day.

3. Make their shopping memorable with you

Who doesn't like discounts? Incentivize your customers this Father's Day and drive more sales, making their shopping experience memorable with you. Offer them your best discounts for Father’s Day celebration and bring them back for every occasion purchase.

Offer discounts for different occasions and gain customers' loyalty forever.

4. Remind them about the D-day 

Send your reminder messages to your customers giving them 'Count Down' for the occasion to draw attention and help them make fast decisions on their purchases. 

Create urgency of limited-time discounts for faster purchases.

5. Surprise them with a Price Drop 

Everybody like surprises! Offer your customer your best discounts for this Father’s Day celebration. Give a little price drop on your products to attract them for purchases.

Give price drops to drive customers straight to check out.

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