Top 5 Postscript alternatives on Shopify for SMS Marketing

Postscript is famed as the best SMS marketing solution and is preferred by a lot of people throughout the world. SMS marketing tools in general have gained a lot of popularity as they lead to better conversion rates and higher open rates. 

Are you on the lookout for PostScript alternatives that are more advanced and offer a ton of other useful services? Then you should check out our detailed list!

Best Postscript Alternatives:

1. SMSBump: SMS Marketing & Email

SMS Bump is one of the most used Shopify Apps by Merchants. It helps in seamlessly growing your SMS subscribers, abandoned cart recovery, and sending conversion-focused texts to skyrocket your eCommerce sales. 

In SMS Bump, you will also get pre-approved SMS templates and an eCommerce events calendar to stay updated about upcoming events and prepare for promotions and sales accordingly. Apart from that, you can auto-sync your store with SMS Bump to send hyper-personalized text campaigns based on your customer's shopping behavior.


  • Built-in SMS  templates
  • Can combine SMS and Email automation
  • A/B test options available
  • Send MMS to boost text conversion


  • Not-so-fast customer support facility
  • Ordinary SMS templates

Price of SMS Bump

SMS Bump offers three plans, i.e. ‘Growth, ‘Prime’, and ‘PowerHouse’. The 'Growth' plan costs $19, the 'Prime' plan costs $59, and the 'powerHouse' plan costs $199.

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2. Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS

Klaviyo provides a unified platform that provides your eCommerce brand with direct ownership of your customer data and the interactions you are having with them.

It also allows you to turn customers' transactions into long-term relationships. You can seamlessly integrate the Klaviyo database to get a detailed view of customer interactions like what made them click on a link, reasons for page bounce, and what motivates them to make a purchase.


  • Automate personalized communications like price drop alerts
  • Send just-in-time recommendations to customers
  • Sync all your Shopify store data with one click
  • Pre-built reports for detailed analysis of all campaigns


  • Basic SMS templates
  • Setup & support time is longer
  • Not preferred for transactional messages

Price of Klaviyo

Klaviyo offers 2 plans, i.e. ‘Email, and ‘SMS’. The 'Email' plan costs $20, and the 'SMS' plan costs $5.

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3. WhatsApp & SMS Marketing: TCW

The Convertway provides a powerful SMS and WhatsApp marketing automation tool which helps eCommerce merchants to increase their conversion rate. 

In The Convertway, you get features like sending notifications for abandoned cart recovery, marketing broadcasts, re-marketing through win-back templates, and more. Furthermore, you can integrate it with other eCommerce solutions like AfterShip, Shipway, Judge Me, and Klaviyo. 

Also, The Convertway provides you with pre-approved templates so that you can start your marketing campaigns within minutes and provides a detailed analysis of your campaigns to review performance.


  • Send notifications in more than 5 languages
  • Pricing is lesser than other apps
  • Comes with a chat widget and 2-way conversation
  • Allows customer segmentation for better optimization
  • Detailed analytics to measure campaigns performance


  • The Free Plan does not offer integrations.

Price of The Convertway

The Convertway offers two plans, i.e. ‘Free, and ‘Premium’. The 'Premium' plan costs $29.

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4. Cartloop SMS Marketing

Cartloop offers fully-managed SMS marketing solutions to eCommerce brands. It provides a 2-way conversation option that helps your brand in developing personal connections with clients. 

In Cartloop, every SMS that you send is backed up by an expert live agent, who engages with your customers throughout the chat and helps in influencing their buying decision. Moreover, Cartloop has integrations with major platforms like CartHook, Zipify, ReCharge, and Gorgias to provide a seamless customer experience. 


  • Low commission rates
  • Quick customer support
  • Free trial available to understand the system
  • Abandonment cart-recovery feature to increase conversion


  • The live chat team is inconsistent with the availability
  • The pop-ups can become annoying sometimes

Price of Cartloop

Cartloop has three options - 'Growth', 'Pro', and 'Enterprise' plan. The 'Growth' plan costs $99/mo, the 'Pro' plan costs $299/mo, and the 'Enterprise' plan costs $999. 

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5. Privy ‑ Pop Ups, Email, & SMS

Privy is famous for growing email & SMS lists for eCommerce companies. As it helps in automating email marketing, sending conversion-focused text messages, and improving the overall conversion rates of the brand through the website.

With Privy’s SMS marketing solution, sellers can notify customers with after-signup texts, cart recovery texts, and other conversion-based text messages without much effort. If you are new to SMS marketing and want to try your hand at it, Privy might be the right choice.


  • Send after-sign-up texts to customers
  • Notify customers of abandoned carts 
  • Apart from SMS, Privy also provides Popup and Email services


  • Sometimes pop-ups can become annoying
  • Mostly used for growing subscribers list, cross-sell & up-sell

Price of Privy

Privy offers three plans, i.e. ‘Starter, ‘Growth’, and ‘Conversion’. The 'Starter' plan costs $15, the 'Growth' plan costs $45 and the ‘Conversion' plan costs $70.

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Final Words

Postscript is one of the best SMS marketing apps for Shopify stores. But operating in a competitive market, the SMS marketing provider has some great alternatives. With the detailed list of top postscript alternatives we have shared, you can make an informed decision on choosing the right SMS marketing app for your Shopify store.

You can try them if you are looking for SMS marketing providers other than Postscript. All of the apps mentioned above are very easy to use and can help you achieve your goal. Give a try to them, and do share your feedback with us.