How to Plan a FOMO Campaign this Diwali to Nitro-boost your Conversion

The countdown to Diwali and Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) has begun, and it's time for Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brands to light up their sales strategy. One of the most effective ways to do this is by creating FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) campaigns. 

FOMO is a powerful psychological trigger that can attract customers and earn you conversions. And the most effective way to implement FOMO is by using countdown timers strategically. By stimulating interest through WhatsApp messages and then creating urgency countdown timers, you can get those conversions up.

Want conversion-generating ideas for FOMO campaigns? Scroll down & get the best ones!

1. Abandoned Cart Recovery with Countdown on Cart Page

Why not run a WhatsApp campaign for abandoned cart recovery during Diwali and BFCM? 

You can send friendly reminders to customers who've left their carts with products. Encourage them to complete their purchase within a specific time to enjoy special discounts or free delivery. 

And here's the twist: Add a countdown timer on the cart page to create urgency. It'll work wonders!

2. Flash Sale Alerts with Landing Page Countdown

Ever thought about sending WhatsApp alerts for flash sales during the festive season?

How about directing your subscribers to special landing pages filled with exclusive offers? What makes it even more exciting is that you can add countdown timers on these pages. This way, everyone can see that the clock is ticking down to something amazing. It will create curiosity and at the same time create urgency that they will miss some amazing flash sales that can make them save a lot of money!

3. Limited-Time Collections Teasers with Countdown

As soon as the word limited-time is added to any collection, it increases its value and make customers want to purchase it even more as they would be missing out on some luxury product. And, who doesn’t like to own limited editions?

You can tease your customers with WhatsApp messages or mailers containing links to dedicated collection landing pages. 

Now, here's the exciting part: Use countdown timers to let them know when the collection becomes available or for how long it is live. It's like a countdown to a grand reveal!

4. Deal of the Hour with Timed Notifications

How about offering a new deal every hour during Diwali and BFCM? 

You can schedule a WhatsApp campaign for the same and at the start of each hour, unveil the latest deal and include direct links to the product pages. Make it even more thrilling by adding hourly countdown timers on these pages, so everyone knows the clock's ticking down and will create FOMO.

5. VIP Early Access with Exclusive Countdown Landing Page

Want to give your VIP customers a special treat?

Send them WhatsApp invitations with a link to an exclusive sale landing page. To build anticipation, include a countdown timer on this page. It'll let them know when the VIP sale begins and ends, and they'll be among the first to grab the offers.

6. Last-Chance Discount Notifications with Countdown on Product Pages

Get ready to draw attention to expiring discounts during Diwali and BFCM, by scheduling a FOMO campaign. Use WhatsApp to send reminders as the countdown timer on product pages gets closer to zero. It'll create a sense of urgency, and your customers will know it's their last chance to snag those amazing deals.

7. Surprise Midnight Deals

Ever thought of surprising your customers with midnight deals during the festive season?

You can create a WhatsApp campaign and send messages just before midnight, revealing exclusive deals available for a limited time. Create dedicated landing pages for these deals, complete with countdown timers. Subscribers will love the element of surprise and the countdown timer will make them eager to order as it will create a feeling of excitement and missing out.

8. Early Bird Previews

Want to reward your loyal customers with early access? 

Then the last FOMO campaign idea is made for you! Schedule an Early Bird campaign and send them WhatsApp messages with links to exclusive product preview pages. On these pages, use countdown timers to announce when the products will become available for purchase. Your subscribers will love being the first to explore and buy.

Note: If you want to create countdown timers then you can use Incredible Apps.

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