Mother’s Day SMS & WhatsApp Marketing Guide (With Calendar)

Mother's Day is on 14th May and it is the perfect opportunity to strike while the iron is hot. It's hardly a few days away and your customers must be waiting for you to come up with amusing offers and collections. 

Enough about the customers! Let's talk about you who must be searching for new SMS and WhatsApp marketing ideas that'll make your customers click & spend their money!

Don't Fret! Here we are with the new and interesting ideas along with the calendar so that you are covered and all set to use SMS & WhatsApp marketing for accelerating your sales!

4 SMS Marketing Ideas for Mother's Day (+Calendar)

Scroll down and check unique and profitable SMS marketing ideas for Mother's Day!

1. Mother's Day Bundle Deal

One of the best ways to lure your customers for making a purchase is by coming up with a Mother's Day Bundle Deal! Check out the below templates and use them!

2. Early Bird Discount

You can become their savior and launch an Early bird discount campaign. Make them pre-order gifts so that they can relax and not panic in the end!

3. Free Gift with Purchase

Offering a free gift is an intriguing idea and with the right templates, it can win your profits! Take a look at the ones you can send!

4. Suggest Gift Ideas & Make Things Easier

Try giving your customers a solution wrapped in your campaign and become their favorite brand!

4 WhatsApp Marketing Campaign Ideas for Mother's Day  (+Calendar)

WhatsApp marketing has a 98% message open rate, and Mother's Day is just the right opportunity for leveraging it! Scroll down and check out unique campaign ideas!

1. Word Scramble Game

The first Mother's Day marketing campaign idea will make you popular. Organize a scramble game and entice with them your fancy offers! This will increase your brand image as well as sales.

2. Fill-in-the-Blank Contest

Contests are interactive and will catch the interest of your customers instantly. Who doesn't like a surprise gift? We all do!

3. Suggest Products through Quiz

Catching customers' attention with quizzes and contests is great. But, you can go a step ahead and help them in finding us the perfect present for their mother. How? Scroll down to know!

4. Personalized Gift Service

Launch a personalized collection for Mother's Day as it will make for a unique gift that your customers would love to purchase. Your WhatsApp marketing templates can look like this-