Klaviyo App Review: All You Need To Know

In the online retail space, each click holds the potential to gain a new customer or encourage a current one to make another purchase. Integrating Shopify with Klaviyo SMS is a significant move that can greatly enhance your store or channel's effectiveness.

This integration isn't just a technological handshake; it's a strategic alliance that propels your e-commerce journey forward, making each step from 'Add to Cart' to 'Purchase' not just a transaction, but an experience. Let's unpack this powerhouse duo and how it can transform your Shopify store.

What is the need for SMS in E-commerce?

Have you ever received a text message and felt a tiny jolt of excitement? That's the power of SMS. It's personal, immediate, and has an open rate (of about 98%!) that most marketing channels dream of.

 In the e-commerce world, this translates to an unparalleled opportunity to connect with your customers right where they are: on their phones. According to recent statistics, 19 out of 20 people in the US have working mobile phones and a whopping 85% of the world population have smartphones. And guess what? Over 95% of those smartphone users are texting away like there's no tomorrow!

But why SMS, you might ask? Picture this: a customer abandons their cart. Within minutes, they receive a friendly nudge via SMS reminding them of what they're missing out on. This isn't just marketing; it's smart, timely, and incredibly effective engagement that can boost conversion rates significantly.

What are Klaviyo SMS Features?

Klaviyo takes SMS marketing to the next level by offering a suite of features designed to make your messages feel less like broadcasts and more like conversations with a friend. Here's what sets Klaviyo apart:

  1. Personalization: Klaviyo allows you to send personalized SMS campaigns that resonate personally with each customer, using their shopping behavior and preferences to tailor each SMS.
  2. Automation: Klaviyo automates key interactions throughout the customer journey. Whether it's sending a thank-you message moments after purchase, nudging customers with a reminder about their abandoned cart, or alerting them when a wish-listed item goes on sale, Klaviyo ensures your marketing efforts are both efficient and effective.
  3. Segmentation: With Klaviyo, you have the power to create highly targeted segments based on various criteria such as past purchases, engagement level, or demographic information. This level of customer segmentation ensures that your messages are highly personalized and hit the mark with each recipient, boosting conversions.
  4. Analytics: With Klaviyo, you're not shooting in the dark. Detailed analytics help you understand what works, what doesn't, and how to tweak your strategy for better results. Klaviyo also helps you establish benchmarks for various metrics, allowing you to track your progress over time.
  5. Klaviyo AI: Klaviyo's latest addition, the AI helper, takes personalization to the next level. By leveraging smart customer segmentation and predictive insights, Klaviyo AI helps you create highly targeted and personalized SMS campaigns. With predictive analytics, it can forecast key metrics such as the next order date, lifetime value, spending potential, average time between orders, and even churn risk. This invaluable tool empowers you to anticipate your customer's needs and tailor your marketing efforts accordingly.

By harnessing the simplicity of SMS and the sophistication of Klaviyo's features, your Shopify store can deliver not just products, but memorable shopping experiences.

Whether you're announcing a flash sale, celebrating a customer milestone, or simply saying 'thank you,' each message is an opportunity to deepen customer relationships, grow, and drive sales.

How to set up Klaviyo SMS for Shopify Marketing?

Our comprehensive guide walks you through the process step-by-step, making SMS marketing easy and effective. From setup to launching campaigns, learn everything you need to know to maximize your Shopify store's potential with Klaviyo SMS.

1. Create Your Klaviyo SMS Campaigns

First things first, let's set up your Klaviyo SMS campaigns. Start by logging into your Klaviyo dashboard and selecting the option to create a new campaign.

You'll choose 'SMS' as your medium. It will ask some basic questions regarding your business to complete the setup. Then, create a catchy, concise message that aligns with your goal - be it promoting a sale, announcing a new product, or just engaging in a friendly check-in with your customers.

2. Manage Subscribers and Segmentation for Targeted Messaging

Now, onto managing your subscribers and segmenting them for targeted messaging. Klaviyo makes this incredibly user-friendly.

Under the 'Lists & Segments' tab, you can create new segments based on various criteria such as past purchases, engagement level, or even demographic information.

Why does this matter? Well, imagine sending a discount code for pet products to someone without a pet - not very effective, right? Segmentation ensures your messages resonate more deeply with each recipient, increasing the likelihood of conversion

3. Maximize Engagement with Automated Flows

Engaging your audience effectively at the right timing can transform your Shopify store's reach and revenue, and Klaviyo SMS is the perfect partner to help you personalize your customer’s journey with Welcome Flows, Abandoned Carts and Cross-sell flows. Klaviyo also allows you to create your flow from scratch.

4. Leverage Promotions and Exclusive Offers via SMS

Everyone loves feeling special, and exclusive coupons or promotions make your customers feel just that. Use Klaviyo SMS to send flash sales notifications or early access to new products to your Shopify store subscribers.

This strategy not only rewards loyalty but also encourages quick action, driving sales. Ensure these offers are time-sensitive to create a sense of urgency. For instance, "Exclusive for you: 20% off our new collection, today only!"

Klaviyo Pricing: 

Klaviyo provides flexible pricing options tailored to your needs, whether you're focused solely on email marketing or integrating SMS. Plans start at $45 for Email-only and $60 for combined Email and SMS, accommodating only 1000 contacts.

While the initial cost may seem steep, Klaviyo's free plan offers a great starting point. As your business grows, dynamic pricing ensures you only pay for what you need, though long-term budgeting may pose challenges.

Cost-Effective Alternatives to Klaviyo SMS 

While the effectiveness of marketing platforms lies in their ability to send targeted messages, the true power comes from tracking their impact. Analytics tools within these platforms enable businesses to measure campaign success comprehensively, from open rates to conversion metrics. These insights are invaluable for shaping future strategies and maximizing ROI. However, it's important to note that pricing can significantly impact accessibility, especially for businesses with small order volumes, as platforms like Klaviyo may prove expensive.

Key features to compare:

  • Pricing Structure: Compare the cost-effectiveness of each platform, considering your volume of messages and the features you need.
  • Segmentation and Personalization: How well does the platform allow you to tailor your messages to specific customer segments? The more personalized your messages, the higher the engagement.
  • Automation Capabilities: Evaluate the ease of setting up automated messages for various customer actions, such as welcome messages for new subscribers or reminders for abandoned carts.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Insightful analytics are vital for measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns. Look for platforms that offer detailed reports on open rates, click-through rates, and conversion metrics.

When considering alternatives to Klaviyo SMS, it's crucial to conduct a thorough comparative review. Look for platforms that offer seamless Shopify integration, ensuring that the transition or addition is smooth and doesn’t disrupt your current operations. Here are a few cost-friendly alternatives to Klaviyo SMS. 

1. The Convert Way

The Convert Way is a comprehensive marketing automation tool tailored for enhancing SMS marketing for Shopify merchants. Its intuitive design and robust functionalities present a practical approach for companies aiming to connect with their customers via text messages.

This Klaviyo alternative offers a complete package for acquiring, engaging, converting, and retaining customers without any hefty costs, while also helping businesses increase revenue from current customers. Featuring advanced automation capabilities and analytics, it enables e-commerce brands to monitor their marketing efforts and optimize their strategies. 

  • Automated SMS Campaigns: Enables merchants to set up and schedule SMS campaigns, targeting customers with personalized messages at the right moments.
  • Cart Abandonment Notifications: Sends customized SMS reminders to customers who have left items in their shopping carts, aiming to recover lost sales.
  • Smart Segmentation: Offers advanced segmentation capabilities, allowing merchants to target specific customer groups based on their purchasing behavior, demographics, and engagement levels.
  • Gamified Engagement: Use dynamic scratch cards and rewards to drive customer retention and increase repeat orders effortlessly.
  • Performance Analytics: Includes detailed analytics to track the effectiveness of SMS campaigns, including open rates, conversion rates, and ROI, enabling continuous optimization.
  • Order Tracking Updates: Provides timely SMS updates on order confirmations, shipping, deliveries, cancellations, and returns, enhancing post-purchase customer experience.
  • Tailored for enhancing SMS marketing for Shopify merchants
  • Robust functionalities for engaging customers via SMS
  • Price-sensitive approach to remarket and engage customers effectively
  • Enhances sales and revenue through gamified rewards and offers
  • May be specifically limited to Shopify platform integration
  • Could require familiarity with SMS marketing strategies for optimal use
Who is it for:

Ideal for Shopify merchants seeking to maximize ROI, this solution elevates SMS marketing efforts through customized text messages at a fraction of the cost.


The Convertway has four distinct pricing plans - Free, Premium, Growth, and Enterprise - starting at just $36 per month, designed to meet the needs of businesses at every stage.

The Free Plan is ideal for small businesses, while the Premium and Growth Plans cater to growing brands with advanced revenue-boosting features. Additionally, the Enterprise Plan offers custom pricing options, unlimited features, and a dedicated account manager for seamless operations and growth. Plus, all plans come with a 14-day free trial period, allowing businesses to explore their options risk-free.

2. Omnisend

Omnisend is an effective omnichannel marketing automation tool crafted to boost sales and elevate revenue for e-commerce enterprises. Among its diverse marketing offerings, which include email marketing, SMS marketing stands out as a significant component. 

The platform enables the crafting and dispatching of specialized SMS campaigns aimed at customer engagement, abandoned cart recovery, and conversion enhancement. 

Equipped with sophisticated automation capabilities and comprehensive analytics, this Klaviyo alternative enables e-commerce brands to provide customized communication experiences through various channels.

  • Omnichannel Marketing Automation: Enables the execution of cohesive marketing campaigns across multiple channels, including SMS, email, and social media.
  • Targeted SMS Campaigns: Facilitates the design and delivery of SMS campaigns that specifically target customer segments for higher engagement and conversion.
  • Advanced Automation Workflows: Incorporates sophisticated automation workflows for various customer journey stages, from welcome sequences to re-engagement campaigns.
  • Comprehensive Analytics Dashboard: Offers a comprehensive dashboard with detailed analytics on campaign performance, customer behavior, and conversion tracking.
  • Customizable Communication Flows: Allows for the customization of communication flows, ensuring a personalized and cohesive customer experience across channels.
  • Ecommerce Integration: Provides deep integration with e-commerce platforms, enabling seamless data synchronization and personalized marketing messages based on customer actions.
  • Enhances sales and revenue for ecommerce enterprises
  • Offers customized communication experiences across channels
  • Might require an understanding of omnichannel marketing for the best results
  • Could be overwhelming for businesses seeking simple SMS solutions
Who is it for:

E-commerce entities looking to leverage omnichannel marketing automation to enhance customer engagement, recovery, and conversion through specialized SMS campaigns.


The platform offers three plans - Free, Standard and Pro. The Free Plans cater to small businesses, providing basic features and supporting up to 500 contacts and emails monthly.

The Standard Plan targets growing businesses, incorporating advanced features like automated workflows and segmentation. The Pro Plan offers additional perks for larger enterprises such as SMS marketing and priority support.

3. Go Text

Go Text positions itself as a powerful SMS marketing tool crafted to advance your messaging approach.

It's geared towards engaging customers actively, focusing on sending customized promotional materials, updates on orders, and essential notifications for abandoned carts, all to boost sales and keep customers coming back.

Effortlessly set off SMS automation by connecting certain activities from your Shopify store, guaranteeing that your communication with customers is both prompt and pertinent.

  • Activity-Triggered Automation: Set up automation based on specific customer activities in the Shopify store, ensuring timely and relevant SMS communication.
  • Promotional Messaging: Allows for the sending of personalized promotional messages, special offers, and discounts to drive sales and customer loyalty.
  • Order and Cart Notifications: Sends automated updates about order status and cart abandonment, keeping customers informed and engaged.
  • Customizable SMS Content: Offers tools for creating customized SMS content that aligns with brand voice and campaign goals.
  • Real-Time Analytics: Provides real-time analytics on campaign performance, customer engagement, and overall ROI, facilitating informed decision-making.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Features an intuitive interface that simplifies the setup and management of SMS marketing campaigns.
  • Actively engages customers with personalized messaging
  • Streamlines communication with prompt, relevant updates
  • Focus primarily on Shopify platform integration
  • Might require continuous content updating to maintain engagement
Who is it for:

Ideal for businesses seeking to advance their SMS marketing approach with customized, activity-triggered communications for engaging customers.


Go Text offers two plans: Starter and Pro. The Starter Plan with a 7-day free trial, includes up to 1000 free SMS, automation, and subscriber tools. The Pro Plan encompasses all Starter features, adds up to 5000 free SMS, advanced analytics, and a dedicated customer support manager. 


Klaviyo SMS for Shopify presents a robust platform for e-commerce businesses aiming to enhance their marketing efforts through SMS campaigns. With features like automated messaging, personalized targeting, and integration with Shopify, Klaviyo offers a comprehensive solution to engage customers and drive sales. 

However, despite its strengths, Klaviyo may fall short in certain areas, such as limited customization options and higher pricing tiers, which could hinder scalability for growing businesses.

Amidst these challenges, there emerges a compelling cost-friendly alternative: "The Convert Way." This innovative tool goes beyond conventional SMS marketing by offering a suite of features designed to maximize subscriber growth and boost conversions. 

With "The Convert Way," users can experience a 10X increase in subscriber acquisition, convert website visitors into loyal customers, and recover abandoned carts efficiently. Moreover, its marketing broadcast feature enables precise targeting and seamless integration with Shopify, empowering businesses to drive more sales with tailored campaigns.

Additionally, "The Convert Way" facilitates two-way conversations, allowing businesses to engage with customers personally, increase conversions, and build long-lasting relationships. Its user-friendly interface, pre-configured campaign playbooks, and personalized messaging options make it a valuable asset for any e-commerce venture.

In conclusion, while Klaviyo SMS serves as a reliable platform for SMS marketing on Shopify, "The Convert Way" emerges as a formidable economic competitor, offering an array of features tailored to meet the diverse needs of e-commerce businesses. 

With its focus on driving engagement, increasing conversions, and providing unparalleled customer support, "The Convert Way" stands poised to revolutionize the way businesses approach SMS marketing in the digital age.