Independence Day Gamification: 6 Strategies to Outshine the Competition

This Independence Day, the tricolor-adorned streets will fill the air with the spirit of freedom and bring along with it a chance for brands to connect with their customers through the feeling of patriotism.

But how do you make a mark with dozens of brands flooding your customers with their discounts and incentives?

The answer is easy: Gamification!!

What is gamification you ask, it is nothing but the use of game-like elements in your marketing campaigns to drive user- engagement by leveraging the inherent human desire for achievement and rewards.

Now let's see how you can use gamification to boost sales and revenue on Independence Day.

1. Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are a great way to engage customers by giving them limited-time discounts or other incentives.

This Independence Day give your customers a free sample, additional reward points, discounts, cashback, etc., simply with scratch cards on WhatsApp.

2. Trivia and Quiz

Trivia and quiz questions are great to capture the attention of your customers. Simply ask them 2-3 questions about freedom fighters, national facts, freedom movements, etc., and reward them with offers or free products on their next order on WhatsApp or SMS.

Say, you are a packaged-food business, ask your customers to match up popular dishes from different states and if they get all of them right offer them a discount for their next purchase.

3. Spin-the-wheel

Spin-the-wheel is an awesome eye-catcher, as the customers can win rewards with just one click!!

Following the theme of Independence Day set tri-colored, spin-the-wheel pop-ups full of rewards and discounts for your website.

Website visitors can claim these rewards by filling out your subscriber opt-in form hence building your subscriber list!!

4. Contest

What better way to kinder the human competitive spirit than contests?

Run contest-based WhatsApp and SMS campaigns in the week preceding Independence Day.  For example, run a contest that says whoever has the highest order value gets an extravagant prize, like a trip to a popular monument or a free lifetime membership which encourages users to buy from you and increase the average order size!!

5. Stickers and GIFs

Send personalized GIFs or stickers to your customers on WhatsApp along with your messages, or give them a customized Independence Day sticker collection on a successful purchase with the order confirmation message to re-engage the customer after purchase.

6. Loyalty/Reward Programs

As the name suggests giving your customers loyalty points on each purchase which they can redeem on their next purchase, boosts your customer loyalty. 

Use this for your Independence Day Gamification messages by offering your customers extra points on answering a quiz, or answering a feedback survey post-purchase via SMS and WhatsApp messaging.

Final Takeaway

In conclusion, remember to embrace gamification this Independence Day, to elevate your marketing game and help your brand become a true standout among tons of other brands flooding your customers with messages.