6 Great WhatsApp Marketing Tactics to Triplex Sales During Holi

Struggling to find WhatsApp marketing inspiration this Holi?

Let's take you through innovative and interactive marketing tactics that can help you make the most of this festive season and increase revenue & sales. 

Objective behind Creating Holi Campaign

  1. Increase your customer base.
  2. Increase the size of the average transaction.
  3. Boost the number of transactions per customer.
  4. Increase your prices.

Best WhatsApp Marketing Campaign & Template Ideas(With Calendar)

Here are the most interesting Holi WhatsApp Marketing Campaign names, templates & calendar from the 1st of March to the 8th of March. Scroll down now!

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1. Theme-based  Holi Campaign- After all, It's the Festival of Colors

According to 78% of shoppers, an intriguing festival campaign makes them shop. So, let's try something new on Holi.

Make it a colorful campaign by focusing on what is Holi known for - Colors.

Just check out the below templates and you will know what are we referring to:

2. Buy 1 Get 1- Will always work!

What could be better than getting an additional product for free or at least at half the price? That's why the BUY 1 GET 1 FREE offer can be effective.

Our decision-making process is completely changed when we hear the word “FREE”.  

So, it is suggested to shoot a campaign on the 2nd of March followed by some follow-ups.

The flow  of the WhatsApp campaign should look like this:

Note: With campaign 3, try reminding the buyer or database by creating urgency or fear of missing out.

3. Scratch card: It's the Element of Hidden Surprise

We all love mysterious discounts. That’s why the players like Google pay and Cred get popular by gamifying customer behavior.

Gamification creates a habit of coming to your website frequently to check our luck.

Cred coins are useless but still, most credit card users pay credit card bills via Cred.

So, this Holi creates something unique that excites your buyer to engage and come to your website again and again. With your campaign instead of offering a flat discount offer them a scratch card via your Holi campaign.

Want to create a scratch card and get more engagements this Holi: Watch Video>>>>
Create a round of flows:
  • Follow-up Template for Users that didn’t Scratch the Coupon
  • Time-sensitive Follow-up Template for Completing the Purchase for Scratched Card

4. Monster Discounts on Low-selling Products- Kill two birds with one Stone

Holi brings the perfect time for selling out products that are low in demand. As we celebrate Holi, we bid adieu to winter and welcome Spring.

You can easily attract customers to buy low-selling products by offering Monster discounts. The bigger the discount, the bigger chances are there that they will purchase it.

Be it a sweater or a handbag that is outdated, a big discount can make anything and everything appealing!

Here are the templates that you can use:

5. Create Product Bundles- Yes, Bread tastes better with Butter

The next enticing Holi WhatsApp marketing campaign idea is to club products together and creates an engrossing deal. It will be catchy as you can show two products that are better together.

You can create bundles of products like shoes with socks, face washes and moisturizer, belt with pants, and more.

Offer the second product at a  discount, and Voila! By creating bundles, you can sell more products and increase your revenue.

Here are a few templates:

6. Payday Offer: We all wait for the D-day

Holi has a big chance for you to double your revenue. How? It's falling in the first week of March.

All of us wait for the Salary day a.k.a. mostly the last day of the month or the first day. So, get ready to take advantage of it by launching a Payday Holi Sale!

Target your customers at the right time and make the most of Payday.

Here are the marketing templates that you can use-

Note: The Payday Holi campaign can help you in converting 1st-time visitors into subscribers and at the same time target loyal customers.

Essentials for a Successful Campaign

Before, you are all set with the templates, don’t forget to do the below points!

  • Get your WhatsApp business account verified. If you have not done yet apply here.
  • Approve all the below-mentioned templates prior to the campaign day
  • Focus on the right timing to shoot the campaigns.
  • Do your customer segmentation right.