Engage Your Customers On Mothers Day To Earn Extra Revenue

Mother’s day is here and there must be many people who still do not know what to gift to their mothers. This is where all the opportunities lie for businesses to engage with their customers and earn some extra revenue.

Social media hypes Mother’s Day as a festival and why not? Everyone connects with the day as it has emotions attached to it.

So what can you do to make this day more special and memorable for your customers? Here is a list of things you can do to make a difference with the messages you send to your customers.

Time to make your customers feel exclusive and part of your community and build lifelong relationships.

1. Content that stands out

How will you stand out amongst the tsunami of emails and messages? Make it all about mother’s day. Send messages that speak directly to your customers.

Only send them messages that will help them, like links to the potential gifts for their lovely moms.

Template Example:

2. Let them know they are special to you

All your customers need is that special treatment, the most efficient way to convert them is by sending them “exclusive” and “just made for them” offers.

Convey it through your messages that this mother’s day you have kept their back with hard-to-miss offers specially curated for them.

Template Example:

3. Who doesn’t like surprises?

Your customers may be considering many brands and offer available in the market, but you can beat them all with regular follow-ups and exciting discounts.

Engage with your customers with follow-ups for reminding them of the amazing offers you have for them.

Template Example:

4. Make it all about mothers, connect with their emotions

Sending cold messages is something that everyone will do, stand out by connecting with their emotions.

It’s a special day for them, so shall it be for you. Send messages that will tell them it’s equally meaningful for you and keep them engaged.

Template Example:

5. Attract your customers with a guide

Don’t just sell, but guide your customers with all that they can do to make the whole day full of surprises and all about her.

Make it huge for them by sending them unique ideas and tips and tricks along with gift recommendations.

Template Example:

6. Additional incentives will make them go crazy

Customers always appreciate a little something extra on their purchase. Make their experience incredible with a freebie or extra gift.

Template Example:

Make this Mother’s Day count for your customers and their mothers.

Leverage this mother’s day by actively engaging with your customers. Good and compelling content goes a long way. Design and plan your SMS and WhatsApp campaigns based on the feel of the occasion.

Personalizing the texts and making your customer feel exquisite help your business earn more revenue and build a community.