10 eCommerce marketing automation strategies that can help increase your revenue in no time.

As a marketer or growth manager, we believe you don several hats at work. Managing the marketing campaigns, optimizing digital content, keeping SEO in check, increasing sales, and meeting the expectations of the customers, can all be really taxing at times. 

What if we told you, you can manage all of it, without hiring many experts and without burning out yourself? 

eCommerce Marketing Automation is the solid investment you're looking for. 

Studies have reported that 49% of eCommerce businesses are using some form of marketing automation. 

The major benefit of automation is that it saves you and your team countless hours along with optimizing your marketing campaign and shoots up your revenue too. 

What is eCommerce Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is a form of technology that helps you automatically manage your marketing processes and campaigns across various channels. 

This can be done through automation software and could include things like automated email marketing campaigns, scheduling SMS reminders, or social media posts. It is a tested and trusted method to increase your conversion rate and leads which helps in increasing your revenue in turn. 

Top Benefits of eCommerce Marketing Automation - 

  • Saves you countless hours 
  • Makes the most of your leads
  • Improves email performance
  • Cost-Effective solution 
  • Has a great Return on Investment
  • Creates personalized experience

10 Actionable eCommerce marketing automation strategies

Here's how you can leverage marketing automation for your eCommerce. 

1. Automated email flow

2. Dynamic Content to engage

3. Converting abandoned shopping carts

4. Automate customer feedback collection 

5. Embrace personalization 

6. Reminder Messages

7. Automate checkout process and increase sales

8. WhatsApp and SMS marketing automation with flows 

9. Leverage conversational bots and live chat

10. Take good care of your loyal customers 

1. Automated email flow-

Email marketing is hands down, one of the most crucial bits of any marketing campaign. Hence, automating email flows is important for every brand. 

Automated emails are a great way to provide personalized experiences for potential customers because they work on data related to customers' behaviors and actions. 

Automating emails will eliminate the need for sending endless emails manually, which will save you a bunch of time to focus on other things. 

The biggest value of email automation is it eases the process of sending constant emails and making sure relevant emails are sent to the right person at the right time. 

With the help of email automation, you can create a series sequence of emails to be sent to a different category of customers, from welcoming emails to follow-ups to shipping confirmations, you can send all of them with minimal effort. 

Pro Tip - Set up follow emails with product recommendations or discount offers that can be sent off 2 days after the first email automatically. 

2. Dynamic Content to engage -

By dynamic content here we mean content that appeals to each customer i.e. content that is customized and makes customers say "this is for me". 

With dynamic content, images, infographics, and videos speak to customers and adapt to users' behaviors, demographics, and characteristics. 

Firstly, It helps your decrease bounce rates and increase conversions.

Secondly, it allows you to offer personalized experiences to your customers.

Market Study suggests that 75% of consumers are more likely to buy from a retailer that recognizes them by name, recommends options based on past purchases, or knows their purchase history. 

Gather correct information about your customers, align the right message with the right customer and build a solid email marketing strategy. Automating the same will not only yield your conversions and revenue but also save up a ton of your time. 

3. Converting abandoned shopping carts - 

Did you know that the average Cart Abandonment rate is approximately 70%, which means that out of 10 users that add something to their cart, 7 never purchase them? 

Do you want to know, how to decrease that? 

Here's how, firstly, you need to set up an exit popup that opens right when the user is about to exit the store. The popup can have a discount or a promotion in exchange for the user's email. 

Then you can set up a series of automated emails to those customers to bring them back to your website and drive sales from abandoned shopping carts. 

Pro Tip - Send out personalized automated emails for better open rates. 

4. Automate customer feedback collection - 

Gathering Customer feedback and adapting to it is crucial for every business. 

However, the manual collection of reviews can be tiring. Therefore, you should set up trigger emails that are automatically sent to users after product delivery asking for feedback. 

5. Embrace personalization - 

Everything that has a personal touch to it speaks more than things that don't, right? Just like that, customers love a brand that makes them feel seen and appreciated. The feeling of being wanted and celebrated is always attractive to every customer.

Using marketing automation, you can personalize the content of your message, and curate personalized landing pages that are more interactive to your readers. 

It helps your brand in being more engaging and also appealing to your customers. This increases the chances of visiting your store and shopping for them. 

6. Reminder Messages - 

One of the important types of emails to send out to your customers and drive sales from is a Wishlist reminder email. You can relate wish-list reminder email to abandoned cart email, both are designed to convince shoppers to take the final call and purchase what they've been wanting to get. 

With the help of marketing automation, you can send them a sweet reminder and maybe even a sweeter offer that gets them to click right away. 

7. Automate checkout process and increase sales 

Customers hate hefty and lengthy checkout processes. We live in a world where human attention span has shrunk to 8.25 seconds. 

If you want to boost your sales and not lose customers, you need to automate your checkout process and make it easy for your customers.

You can use Marketing automation to fill in details automatically and display preferred payment options to make it convenient for users to complete their purchases as quickly as possible. 

Bonus Tip - Adding a live chat option on the checkout screen will help your customers to get their queries solved swiftly during the buying process. 

8. WhatsApp and SMS marketing automation with flows - 

SMS marketing has been winning marketing for lots of brands today. Along with this, WhatsApp Business has also proved to be efficient for eCommerce businesses. Companies send customer communication including shipping updates, order notifications, reminder and more.

With the help of great Marketing Automation tools like Shipway, 

your eCommerce brand can set up SMS & WhatsApp marketing campaigns, send abandoned cart notifications and ensure increased sales.

Using 2 ways SMS and WhatsApp messages help your customers have 1:1 conversations with the business which will build a strong customer-brand relationship. 

9. Leverage conversational bots and live chat

Integrating marketing automation with customer service will help you with easy & efficient data collection and create an excellent personalized experience for your customers. 

As per reports, 53% of businesses agree that live chat is the most effective solution.

Use live chat software to collect contact details from your visitors that will help your business improve services and make the customer journey hassle-free. 

The customer checkout process can be made easier by integrating live chats or conversational bots on the pages. This way they can get their queries solved right away which reduces abandoned carts and increases sales for your business.

10. Take good care of your loyal customers - 

For every business, it's repeated and loyal customers are very important and they must be. Along with being important, they should be treated differently too. 

With eCommerce marketing automation, you should segment your best customers and reward them for shopping at your store. This will not only enhance their loyalty but will also increase subsequent sales.

Automation can also be set for first-time customers to convert them into repeat customers by awarding them with discounts or promotions via email or SMS. 

Whereas for repeat customers, Incentivizing subsequent purchases through loyalty rewards is a great way of promoting sales.

Apart from perks, you can also set up a system to send pre-launch offers and updates to such customers to make them feel different than the rest. 

Wrapping up - 

We have tried to mention the best of the best actionable, adaptable, and sales-driven Marketing Automation strategies to use for your eCommerce business. Automation can be a great way to boost sales, increase conversion rates, and in building robust customer-brand relationships.

By using marketing automation, you can curate and section your products, and customer base, and send them relevant offers, and updates. You can also offer your customers a personalized experience. Scheduling social media posts won't be trouble. Sending out promotional offers becomes easy. All this while saving up hours of time and effort and making generous revenue. 

Leverage these eCommerce marketing automation strategies today and let us know how they worked out for you; drop a comment below.