How to Boost your Business using QR Codes?

Look around you - smartphones connect the world instantly, and QR codes have become the bridge between customers and brands. Nowadays, customers are using their beloved devices to engage with their favorite brands like never before. 

Therefore, using QR codes can be the biggest tool through which you can provide customers with a memorable pre and post-purchase experience, accelerate profits and get access to customer data. Want to know the Where's and How's of using a QR code? Scroll down and know it all!

Where & How to Leverage QR Codes at the Pre-Purchase Stage?

Whether you are an online or offline store, the Pre-purchase stage is where you don't have the customer data. Here are a few QR code use cases at the pre-purchase stage-

1) Convert your Retail Shoppers into Online & get their details (QR Use Case 1)

Where to Use- You can add the QR code to your Business Card, and near the billing counter. 

How to Use QR Code-
  • Offer them a discount for scanning the QR code, be it offline or online
  • Request them to scan and send 'Hi' and send your Catalogue, new collection or How to User manual 
  • Make them join your WhatsApp community to stay updated with new campaigns, products, discounts, and sales.
  • Drive repeat purchases by making them scan the QR code and joining your community.
  • Offer them a Scratch card for scanning the QR code. The free scratch card option will make them scan. You will get their details & they may soon use the scratch card for a purchase.
  • Increased sales & Website Traffic
  • Gain customer data
  • Pre-solved queries that may come later as you are providing them with user manuals or catalogs with details
  • Access to customer data for launching campaigns, sales, and more
  • Drive repeat purchase
  • Builds an online customer base

2) Make them Download your App (QR Code Use Case 2)

Where to Use- Business Cards, Social Media, Website, and Near the billing counter

How to Use-
  • Convince them to scan the code on the billing counter, download your app, register, and earn a discount
  • Add the code to your social media and promote it. Run a contest and entice customers to scan, download, and win discounts or gift cards.
  • QR codes decrease the tiresome process of opening the App Store and then downloading your app.
  • Get customer data along with app downloads.

3) Provide Event or Product Details (Use Case 3)

Where to Use- Event banners, on the product or product packaging

How to Use-
  • You can add the QR code on your event banners and once the customer scans it, they can read the agenda and sign up. 
  • Say you are a chemical-free cosmetics brand, you can add the QR code on your product along with the message “Know the Ingredients. You can make the customers land on your product description page or WhatsApp chat(where the customer can click on the ingredient option). The former will clear the doubts of the customer and the latter will get you their details along with it.
  • Gain Customer Data
  • Save money on creating big banners or product packaging

Where and How to Leverage QR Codes at the Post-Purchase Stage?

Your customer has brought the product. What's next?

Need a review, want them to purchase again, want to send a how-to -video, or want to simply keep them engaged with your brand?

You can do it all by leveraging QR codes. Let's see how-

1) Send How to Manual along with the Product (QR Code Use Case 1)

Where to Use- Product Packaging 

How to Use-

You can add a QR code to the package and write a note on it. The note can sound something like-

“ Scan and know how to operate the product or How to make the coffee.”

It completely depends on the type of product you are selling. 

  • A how-to-manual will help the customer in making the most of the product and increase your brand value. May earn you brownie points.

2) Feedback/review (QR Code Use Case 2)

Where to Use it- Product Packaging, add a Thank you note with a scan code for review/feedback

How to use it-

You can add the QR code on the packaging or on a Thankyou note with a message. The message can look like-

“Scan now, review our product & get a 10 % discount”

The discount will lure them into reviewing or giving feedback for sure.


  • Taking feedback/reviews can enhance customers’ trust in your product as well as your brand.
  • The reviews can help you attract more customers and feedback can help you in improving your products.

3) Repeat Purchase & Offer discount (QR Code Use Case 3)

Where to Use it- Product Packaging, add a Thank you note along with the discount

How to Use it-

You can add a QR code to the package or Thank you note and mention-

“Really loved the product? Scan and Stock it up now!”


“Scan Now & Get 10% discount on your Next Purchase”

  • Drives Repeat Purchase
  • Increases Profits
  • Builds Customer Base

4) Get Referrals (QR Code Use Case 4)

Where to Use it- Product packaging, in your shop, on the bill, on the website

How to Use it-

All online brands can add the referral QR code on product packaging or website and offer discounts to customers for referring your brand to their friends. The message can look like

“Hey Favorite,

Scan, refer us to your friend & get 10% discount!"

Now, the customer will land on a page wherein you can provide the referral link that they can copy and use.

  • New Customer Data
  • Increased sales
  • Drive Repeat purchase with the discount code

What are the Benefits of Using QR Codes?

Want to know about the benefits of using QR codes for your business?

Check out the below-listed ones-
  • Authentic Data: QR codes provide brands with access to genuine data, enabling them to gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences.
  • Simplified Signup: With a single scan, users can quickly and effortlessly sign up for newsletters, loyalty programs, or exclusive offers, streamlining the onboarding process.
  • Bridging Offline and Online: QR codes seamlessly connect offline businesses to the online world, allowing customers to access additional information, make purchases, or engage with the brand's online presence.
  • Building a WhatsApp Community: Ideal for businesses without an existing website or online presence, QR codes offer a fantastic opportunity to establish and nurture a community on WhatsApp, fostering direct communication and customer engagement.