Cheer On! 10 powerful WhatsApp Marketing Templates for this Christmas

It’s Christmas time. 

Shopify sellers give a kick-start to your holiday campaigns with some interactive text marketing campaigns. 

So now get yourself ready for the merriest of Christmasses and get the snowball of cash rolling!

We can bet, this time your buyers are preparing to break all the spending records. 

We will be presenting a quick guide (in 3 segments) to start the Christmas campaign at the earliest possible. 

  1. Build the anticipation: For early shoppers
  2. D-Day sale: for the deal seekers 
  3. Extended sale: For the lazy bees 
Bonus Tip: 5 bonus tips at the end of the guide.

Let’s start:

Build the anticipation

1. Create hype for your Christmas sale:

Template 1:
Hey {Name}👋,
{Store Name} is coming up with crazy Christmas🎅 deals with up to {Discount Value} off  on ALL products🧦.
Be the first to uncover our mind blowing deals!
And have a Merry Christmas! 🎄🎄
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Template 2:
Hey {Name},
Knock Knock! 🤶🤶 Santa came early, and so we sat with him and came up with crazy ✨Christmas deals✨ with up to {Discount Value} off on ALL products.
Stay tuned and Be the first to uncover our mind blowing deals!
Merry Christmas! 🎄🎄
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2. Reveal the date:

Hey {Name} 👋
The Gift corner is coming up with an exquisite Christmas sale!🎅🎄
Sale Kickstarts on🔔 {D-Day}
Mark the date and get the most exciting offers (Discount Value) on your favourite products 💃
Get ready with your wish list 👇
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3. Early access to the offer:

Template 1:
Hey {Name} 👋
{Store Name}: Don’t sleep on our early Christmas🤶 deals, {FirstName}
Hurry up and grab our special offers🎁 before somebody else snags them.🤑
Get {Discount Value}
Merry Christmas🎄🎄
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Template 2:
Hey {Name},
{Store Name}: You are Santa's favorite🎅! Hence, you got access to our early Christmas deals!
Hurry up and grab our special offers before somebody else snags them.🤑 😍
Use Code: {Discount code}
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4. Revealing sale prices:

Sale prices reveal at midnight for {Store Name}’s {Sales Name}🎅✨. 
Get ready with your wish list to welcome {Discount Value} 🤑off. 
Only 2 days to go. Get your carts ready 🛒
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D-Day sale: For the deal seekers 

1. Offer for the 1st time purchase:

Ho-ho-ho! 🎅🎅Your holiday gift is waiting for you! 
Get up to {Discount Value} off on your first purchase and much more ✨️
Use Code: {Discount code}
Offer Valid till - {Valid Date}⏳️
With love ❤️ 
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2. Setting up the flow:

Hey {Name}
Make it a December to remember with our exclusive discounts (Discount Value).
Limited Time Deal✨️
Use Coupon code {Discount code} to get the best deals💃
Offer valid till {validity date}. So shop now 👇
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Extended sale: For the lazy bees 

Hey {Name}}
We are too lazy to put our offers down and they are still alive✨. 
We got you covered there. 
Order now and get { Discount value}🎁🎅
Use code: {Discount Code}
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Extending sale for {X} hours

Hey {Name},
Final chance🔔 to get {Discount Value} 🤑from {Store Name}
We have extended (Sale Name) by {X} hours⏳.
Don’t miss out. 
Use code: {Discount Code}
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5 Bonus tips to help you increase engagement and boost conversions:

  • Don’t just bombard offers for the sake of doing it. One message will do the trick if people are interested. 
  • Get the help of push notifications for promotions and campaigns, but segment your audience prior to that. 
  • Grow your subscriber list on both SMS & WhatsApp with Subscriber opt-in tools by The Convertway. It’s not a one-day task.
  • Offer a discount or recommend products post-purchase communication, don’t underestimate the after-sales funnel.
  • You can not ignore dynamic and personalized content, not only in your SMS & WhatsApp but also everywhere across your website.