Leverage Order Confirmation Messages To Boost Customer Engagement & Loyalty

You are losing out big time if you are still sending boring order confirmation messages to your buyer? Because your customer expects otherwise. 

Instead of relying on expensive marketing, habit-forming companies link their products to the users daily routines and emotions by creating stories around it. 

Story telling has the power to connect your audience with your brand. You could have a crazy dramatic story about how your product could greatly improve someone’s life, but until you put that story into terms they can understand, it’s just a story.

The most attention grabbing communication is the order confirmation messages. From a study, it says

A buyer visits at least 7 times to an order confirmation page to check the order status updates.

As an e-commerce marketer, you should be constantly asking yourself “How do I make sure of the buyer getting hooked to your brand/product?” 

In this blog I will talk about

How you can leverage order confirmation messages with examples to help you drive customer engagement?

> Personalized story telling that build trust

No one is willing to trust anyone. We all like attention. So listening to your buyer is the best way to connect and engage them with your brand. 

Send a personal thank you message with a story of “Why with your brand”, “Why we give you the utmost priority” will help you build the relation, build trust.

> Show them you care for them:

Helping buyers with the next step or the EDD or Product instructions

The biggest talking point for any buyer after buying a product is “when will I receive my order?” A proactive communication with the estimated delivery date, product usage instruction helps in reducing the anxiety of the buyer and at the same time it helps in building customer satisfaction. You can not do it alone. You will have to automate it via SMS, WhatsApp or email. 

> Cross-selling opportunities

Immediately right after the purchase, when you send order confirmation messages via SMS/ WhatsApp, engage them with gamification, instead of throwing a coupon code. 

One example:

Simply after the purchase, engage the audience with a quiz, if you are running a fashion brand, engage them with questions related to fashion. 

Let them participate, and guide users with a series of experiences. 

The more often buyer runs through these hooks, the more likely they will engage with them. 

Now reward them for the quiz with offers(that means you are not selling them any product directly).

Built a UTM parameter to measure the performance. 

> Keep growing your subscriber list and community

When they make a purchase, with your order confirmation message, ask them to follow your social media page like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. With this you can grow your customerWherever you are active. 

“My goal is to provide you with a deeper understanding of how how certain products help you solve your problem” : Subscribe us on SMS / WhatsApp.

Who doesn’t love to subscribe to get solution!

> Asking for a order related feedback

Create a vanilla feedback loop that has ability to create craving. 

We all know the power of word of mouth. Upon a successful purchase send a thank you note (personalization is the factor) to your buyer. 

Ask them what they feel about the product, about the buying experience. Ask them to share their story behind buying the product. 

Reward them when they review your product. 

Variable rewards are one of the most powerful tools brands can implement to hook users. 

> Get referral sales with the order confirmation messages

When a customer makes a purchase, that means they are convinced. When they are convinced, it is easier for them to convince their friends, families and colleagues. 

Why not use this opportunity to generate a new purchase?

You can use the SMS/ WhatsApp channel as a referral machine. Offer a referral code, give them an incentive upon referring someone to initiate a purchase. 

> Leverage a 2 way communication channel

Who wants to wait for resolution, neither you nor I. So implementing an automated chat support will help in lowering down the curiosity of the buyers. Hence that tends to increase the customer satisfaction and repeat purchase. 

> The question is why not on WhatsApp?

You can do a lot of experimentation around the order confirmation messages. While I would always prefer to go this way, WhatsApp, SMS and email. 

WhatsApp has built more features and support to communicate with the buyers with ease. At the same time WhatsApp has an open rate of 99%. That means out of 100 buyers, 99 buyers open and read WhatsApp messages. Furthermore, you can also run WhatsApp Campaigns on various occasions and entice your customers to enhance engagement. Isn't that a great opportunity itself?

SMS channel is still considered as the cheapest marketing and communication channel. 

So if you're smart, you can use WhatsApp/SMS as an interactive channel to grow your eCommerce. 

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