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Turn WhatsApp Conversations into Conversions

A one-hour session for eCommerce businesses

On 16th February 2023 @ 4PM

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Instructed by
Antony Chacko
Founder, Head Of Marketing
Helps D2C eCommerce Brands Grow Profitably With WhatsApp Conversational Marketing
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Who is this Workshop for?
🟢 Marketers
🟢 Entrepreneurs
🟢 Sales Managers
🟢 Influencers
🟢 Growth Hackers
🟢 Freelancers
🟢 Product Managers
🟢 Students
What will you learn in the Workshop?
🟢 Examples of Brilliant Marketing use cases of WhatsApp
🟢 Examples of How WhatsApp is Misused / Spammed by Brands
🟢 You just don't need a tool, you need a proper strategy, copywriting skills and much more
🟢 WhatsApp Marketing Blueprint for eCommerce Brands
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Meet The Speaker
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Antony Chacko
I am Antony Chacko, a Conversational Marketing Expert & founder of Alpha Marketer - a media company & an Agency focused on Conversational Marketing.

Before starting Alpha Marketer I was:

👉 Head of Marketing at Flintobox
- I was one of the founding members, built marketing and sales team from scratch. Took the business from 0 to $4.2 million in annual revenue in less than 4 years.

👉 E-Business Manager at Royal Sundaram - Helped set up online lead generation and sales system for India's first private sector general insurance company.
👉 Product Manager at Hotcourses group - Led the overhaul of one of the world's largest study abroad directory website, helped it recover from Google Panda update of 2011 and grew it to a £90,000 annual revenue business.